Q&A: Tommy Verrochi

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Some questions with Tommy Verrochi:

First off, what is BMXperception?

BMXperception is a message board. It's solely related to the creative side of BMX, from video, Web, and graphic design, as well as photography. Members can post up their work for critiques, and chat amongst others members in threads that also have a wealth of information pertaining to that subject.

Why do you think it's important to have a message board focused on shooting/filming BMX?

For one, you meet new people, which is almost like traveling to different places ... almost. Secondly you can learn close to anything related to anything, from the total beginner questions to the super technical aspects. Last, but for certain not least, you can post work that you are extremely psyched on, not happy with and want to know why, as well as anywhere in the middle and then get feedback from other members on their opinion; which are usually completely spot on critiques.

What range of experience do the users of BMXperception have?

Anywhere from the complete beginner who picks up their mom's Powershot, all the way up to photographers who get their work published on a regular basis, and even an editor or three at Ride BMX.

What could someone except to gain out of joining the site?

You can for sure expect to gain tons of information; how cameras work, the basics of photography, off camera lighting, guides for sending your photos to magazines, good photos, and good critiques to name a couple. Also, if you are the beginner or amateur, you will definitely see your work improve.

What's been the most useful piece of information/advice/tidbit that you yourself have gotten out of BMXperception?

The standout answer that comes to my mind is a topic on how magazines work and all about submitting photos. That came out before I had submitted any of my work and it is where I learned almost all of what I know. In addition the realms of skateperception and its community helped me out a great bit on the beginner topics.

What general advice do you have for someone looking getting into shooting BMX?

Shoot as much as you can! The more you shoot photos the quicker you will see the quality of your work improve.

Any thanks to the guys that took part in this gallery?

Without a doubt! Thanks for everyone who got together to make an idea become reality. All of you took some sweet shots and sent them through within the time period, I cant thank you all enough. I also have to thank all of the people who created and run the site; Steve, Mike, and Mangler -- there would be none of this without your hard work. And last, but certainly not least, all the fellow mods: Justen, Erik, and Eli for keeping sh-t in line and doing what we do. Thanks for everything.