NFL Power Rankings, Week 6

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I suppose we should feel lucky about this NFL season, given that we still have five undefeated teams entering Week 6, which is the most in the league's 90-year history. But the league in 2009 has a rich-man, poor-man feel to it as well, with four winless teams and five more stragglers with just one victory. Parity, my butt.

The Giants-Saints showdown in the Superdome on Sunday should define the top of the NFC's food chain for the time being, and it's likely the last matchup of unbeatens we'll be treated to this season. The undefeated Broncos and Colts don't play until Week 14 in Indy, and even more implausibly, the Giants and Vikings would have to maintain their unblemished records until they collide in Week 17 at the Metrodome.

Mid-October is about when things start to get really interesting in the NFL, but clarity is often a casualty. While perfection is always the goal, it's rarely the prize. And now the envelope, please... (Send comments to

NFL Power Rankings

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