Q&A: Jolene Van Vugt

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SI: How did you get involved in the game?

JVU: I was approached by THQ to be a part of the new game, through my exposure in Women's Motocross and Nitro Circus they thought I would be a good addition, I appear as a "pro" challenger adding in a new element, a female rider. I'm also a spokesperson for Reflex, explaining how the new features work in on-line tutorials.

SI: Have you been playing video games your whole life or did this game get you hooked?

JVU: This is definitely the best Moto game out there, so it's exciting to play. I have always favored the MX, skate and snowboard video games.

SI: You are the first female to backflip a full-sized dirt bike ramp to dirt. Tell me about that experience. Is it your proudest achievement? Have any women come up to you and acknowledged this?

JVU: The backflip is definitely one on the top, of my list of achievements. Once I got a taste of it on the little 110, I knew I wanted to be the girl to landed it on a full-sized bike. For me the backflip was something that set me down a different path in life, I was introduced to Nitro Circus and it all snow balled from there. Many people, man, women and children throughout the years have acknowledged the different things I have done and been apart of, they are all support and kind, it is very flattering.

SI: What athletes outside your sport do you admire?

JVU: I think Danica Patrick is pretty rad! She is a great example for a women in a man's sport, she holds her own with the guys while still looking professional and sexy along the way.

SI: What's it like in a sport that is primarily male? Do you consider yourself a sex symbol? Do you get hit on and/or date any of the other racers?

JVU: It's a challenge but if you love what you do and you are up for the challenge, the ride and the rewards, are all definitely worth the hard work and years! I like to be sexy and feminine, as do most girls. A sex symbol thought, I have to say that's in the eye of the beholder. I have a boyfriend back home in Canada, but that doesn't mean guys don't try!

SI: You're from Canada -- why not hockey?

JVU: I played hockey for 10 years and loved it, but eventually you have to pick one. I stuck with racing.

SI: What do you do to relax (besides play video games)?

JVU: I love to go home, have a home cooked meal and be with my family. Visiting friends and my boyfriend are things that clam and relax me.

SI: If you could go to a desert island with one movie, one TV show and one music album, what would they be?

JVU: Movie: Days of Thunder. For a TV show, right now I'm really into Bones. My favorite album is Social Distortion's Sex, Love And Rock N' Roll.

SI: Talk about Nitro Circus. Is it what you expected? What's it like with those guys? Do you see yourself doing more TV besides Nitro Circus?

JVU: Nitro has taken me to places and experience I never even dreamed of, so it has gone above and beyond any expectations I ever had. The whole crew is like a family, I have many brothers with-in these boys and we all take care of each other. I would be open for any new door that may open along the way, that's how I got here, being open to change and new opportunities.