Hot Clicks: Kawika Mitchell rips teammate; Alyonka Larionov

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The two women above are Diana and Alyonka Larionov, daughters of Hall of Fame Red Wings (and Russian) center Igor Larionov. Alyonka, who works for Penguins TV, has been in Hot Clicks before. She's cooked withEvgeni Malkin and partied withAlexander Ovechkin. Now she's back. Alyonka and her sister have released a very catchy Christmas song ("That's What Christmas Means To Me"), with the proceeds going to "Hockey Fights Cancer." They've also made a video featuring several NHL superstars.

Get Into The Holiday Spirit

Diana and Alyonka Larionov :: Michael Bezjian/Getty Images

On Monday Hot Clicks told you about 12-year-old leukemia patient, Jack Barker, who is trying to raise enough money to buy Snuggies for all the kids at the Children's Medical Center in Dallas. The kids love the Snuggie because it keeps them warm while not restricting their arms during chemeotherapy sessions (full story here.) The response has been unbelievable. I've heard from tons of readers who've donated and I can't thank you enough. If you haven't donated, there is still time. You can visit Jack's Web site for more details or mail a donation to Jack's Closet, PO Box 2813, Coppell, TX 75019-2813. There's also a Derek Jeter-signed copy of SI's Sportsman of the Year issue that you can bid on via eBay with all proceeds going to Jack's Closet. The bidding right now is at ... drumroll please ... $1,125. Amazing!

Speaking Of Good Causes...

You may have heard that the Associated Press yesterday named Tiger Woods as its Athlete of the Decade. Some people were outraged by this because of Tiger's recent horndog behavior. I'm outraged because I don't consider golfers athletes; I consider golf a skill. You don't have to be an athlete to succeed. Now, before you write in and tell me what @heymynameiswill told me on Twitter last night ("You try walking 18 holes for four days in a row and tell me it doesn't take an athlete to do it") let me state that I can't even walk eight holes, let alone 18. Walking does not make you an athlete, but that's my opinion. Let's get yours:

Are Golfers Athletes?

The Bills signed offensive lineman Richie Incognito off waivers yesterday. Bills linebacker Kawika Mitchellthen went on Twitter and sent out the following message: "BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT THIS YR. THE GUYS A BUM. DIRTY AND ALWAYS WILL BE. REALLY WISH I WAS PLAYIN RITE NOW. SERIOUSLY... I KNO WE'RE N NEED OF OLINE BUT THIS GUY SUKS..." Well, there was one more word at the end of that sentence but won't let me print it. To see the Tweets, click here and here.

Should Be A Fun Locker Room

Kawika Mitchell, Richie Incognito :: Getty Images

Cheerleaders do more than pump up the crowd.

Secret Weapons

How does this picture not make this gallery?


For those of you who followed WWE during their renaissance in the late '90s, you know that there was no bigger event that the "Montreal Screwjob." There's even a Wikipedia page for it. Anyway, it looks like all is well between Vince McMahon and Bret Hart because Hart is coming back to the WWE.

Hitman Returns

Kobe Bryant hit a game-winning fade-away jumper at the buzzer last night, but the best part of the clip is the despair in the voice of the Bucks' analyst.

Sports Video Of The Day

Timothy of Milwaukee, says: "What happens when its freezing cold outside during Marquette University finals week? You go flood the library with hundreds of people, blast Miley Cyrus, and body surf," while Chris Wetmore of Broomfield, Col., says, "As you probably know it is finals week all of the country for most universities. Here at Marquette we decided why not throw a flash rave in our library, Club Ray. This is what happened."

Why Being In College Rules Video Of The Day

Kent Stevens, of Rome, Ga., comes through with this gem.

Marisa Miller Video Of The Day No. 2