Morning Jolt: NFL eyeing move to L.A. again?

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Thursday, February 25

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NFL eyeing move to L.A. again?

Professional football in Los Angeles is still a hope for some. Developer Ed Roski believes he's at the goal line. He says he wants to buy either part or all of an existing franchise and move it to Southern California to play in an $800-million stadium he's planning to build in Industry. The process has meandered for 14 years, with the endgame getting tougher and more expensive. If an officiating crew were overseeing this quest, L.A. would be flagged for untold false starts, delays of game and excessive celebrations -- not to mention premature ones. (Los Angeles Times)Comment

Conte: Still no proof that HGH test is reliable

BALCO founder Victor Conte is still in denial about the testing business. Even in the wake of a rugby player's positive result from a human growth hormone test was confirmed when the athlete confessed, Conte claims there is no proof that the tes will be reliable. NFL and Major League Baseball are pushing to institute blood-testing programs to unearth HGH users. (Los Angeles Times)Comment

Jackson: Mavs enjoying good fortune

Even before the Mavericks win over the Lakers Wednesday night, Laker Coach Phil Jackson remarked that the Dallas team had been enjoying good fortune since its trade deadline dealings. Timing was the key to his statements as he mentioned Josh Howard's season-ending injury after the trade and the former Wizards coming to a contender. "I don't want to use the term, 'Get out of jail card,' but those guys coming from Washington, it's great to be on a winning team when you've had a difficult time," Jackson said. (Dallas Morning News)Comment

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Lydia Lassila of Australia performs her first jump in the women's freestyle aerials final at the Olympics Wednesday in Vancouver. (AP Photo/Bela Szandelszky)

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The Australian cricket team's coach reveals a little too much about his team.

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