Hot Clicks: Jennifer Walcott; Evan Tuner is a Lady Gaga fan

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Since I'll be on a flight to Las Vegas in just a few hours, I needed to find the appropriate lead photo for my send off. This picture of model Jennifer Walcott, with the beautiful Vegas strip behind her, has been in Hot Clicks before, but it was two years ago, so I don't think anyone would mind a repeat. And lest anyone think this is some gratuitous ploy to feature an attractive woman for no reason, let me remind you that Walcott, who is married to former NFL safety Adam Archuleta, might be the most underrated WAG in all of sports. As for Hot Clicks, Andy Gray will man the ship starting this afternoon through next Wednesday. (You can submit links, comments and questions to him here.) I'm going to do my best to check in with some photos, videos and gambling updates for the Clicks, but there will be plenty of more updates via my Twitter feed.

See Ya

Jennifer Walcott :: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

I can understand why some college basketball players would be frustrated by having to play in the NIT instead of the NCAA Tournament. But this is ridiculous. There were two absurd cheap shots last night: First, we have Seton Hall's Herb Popepunching a Texas Tech player in the groin. And then we have Jackson State's Phillip Williamsdoing the same to a Mississippi State player (Thanks to Matt, of Jackson, Miss., for the links.)

Punk Moves nails it with this list of eight things that always happen during March Madness.

March Staples

I received this e-mail from the LPGA last night. "Jimmy, a few weeks back you had a video of LPGA rookieBeatriz Recari lobbying for votes into the Mojo 6. Thought you would be proud to know that with the help your readers, she earned the 16th and final spot in the Jamaica-based event." Here is the video of Recari finding out she won the last entry.

The Power Of Hot Clicks Nation

Beatriz Recari ::

Here are some fun brackets that landed in my inbox. Best Beer Bracket. ...Best fast food bracket. ... USA vs the World for best rock song.

Brackets, Brackets, Brackets

You're going to hear a lot about Ohio State's Evan Turner over the next couple of weeks. Here's one piece of information CBS may not give you: Turner loves him someLady Gaga.

Nothing Gets You Fired Up Like Bad Romance

Hot Clicks told you about the Cavaliers recently breaking the record for largest gathering of people wearing Snuggies. The Angels will now try to top the Cavs when they host the Twins on April 6.

Sports' New Trend

Who cares about poltical policy? When voting, it's team affiliation that matters. At least that's the message of this political ad running in Kentucky. (Thanks to Gordon Cummings, of Washington, for the link.)

Sports Video Of The Day

Here's a St. Patrick's Day tribute to all of the "Irish" NBA players.

Sports Video Of The Day

Since the over/under on how many of you are watching NIT games is six, you may have missed this absurd cheap shot by Jackson State's Phillip Williams last night.

Political Video Of The Day

With Chat Roulette sweeping the Internet, this guy had the brilliant idea to play the piano and improvise songs about the people he came across. The results are tremendous. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)

Chat Roulette Video Of The Day