Hot Clicks: Arnold the Bodybuilder; The Dame beating the Fox

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With health care reform on everyone's mind, this seems as good a time as any to discuss politics. Just kidding. This is a sports site and we don't do politics. But I came across this 1966 photo (above) of the Governor of California and wanted to point out that in Oct. 1974, SI published a feature on Arnold Schwarzenegger and his belief that bodybuilding is a legitimate sport and should be taken more seriously. With that thought in mind, enjoy Manofest's collection of horrifying female bodybuilding photos.

Retro Arnold

Arnold Schwarzenegger :: Hulton Archive/Getty Images

This morning's Dancing with the Stars post got quite a reaction from the Hot Clicks audience. One reader insists there is a relationship brewing between Erin Andrews and her dance partner, Maksim Chmerkovskiy, because of the way he was holding her stomach during the post-dance interview. Another told me that I was focusing on the wrong Burke and that my attention should be paid to Brooke, not Cheryl. Judging by these photos, he is 100 percent correct. But the most interesting message I received was from Nolan Earle, who doesn't understand why I, or men in general, have an aversion to watching the show in the first place. This is a fair question and I'm going to leave it up to you to decide with the poll below.

DWTS Follow-Up

Forget the whereabouts of Osama bin Laden. Forget the fact that Marko Jaric somehow scored Adriana Lima. The world's biggest mystery right now is how Helen Mirren has a substantial lead over Megan Fox in Esquire's "Sexiest Woman Alive" bracket. As of this writing (Tuesday, 3:09 p.m.), Mirren has 115,778 votes to Fox's 77,430. Esquire's Peter Martincaught up with Mirren to discuss the potential upset.

The Dame and the Fox

Stephen Lloyd, a Hot Clicks fan, e-mailed me today requesting Virginie Ledoyen be named the Lovely Lady of the Day. My initial reaction was, "Who's Virginie Ledoyen?" So I did some research and realized she's the hot actress who starred in The Beach and I haven't seen since. But since I love that movie and came across this awesome gallery of Ledoyen, I am going with Stephen's suggestion. Anyone have a request for tomorrow, my final day on Hot Clicks?

Lovely Lady of the Day

Virginie Ledoyen :: Getty Images

Although I have no research to prove this, it's fair to say that if you put 10 random college basketball fans in a room, eight of them will tell you they hate Duke. What's shocking is that one of those eight people would have been Jon Scheyer, had you asked him in middle school. For the two fans who love Duke, here is a gallery of Duke hoops through the years.

Another Duke Hater

Cold Hard football facts makes its case.

Tebow as the No. 1 pick?

No, this is not a joke.

Thongs for Dogs

Remember when Allen Iverson was at Georgetown and had no hair? Here's a reminder.

Vault Photo of the Day

In this morning's Hot Clicks, I mentioned that I have a hard time finding Hayden Panettiere attractive. I stand corrected ... The Octagon girls of UFC 111 aren't ugly ... Here's the schedule and announcers for all the Sweet 16 games ... The world's 20 coolest cars.

Random Links

This is for our good friend and lifelong Bon Jovi fan, Jimmy Traina.

Bon Jovi > Miley Cyrus Video of the Day

Since I picked on the Governor to lead Hot Clicks, here's a funny scene from Twins, another underrated movie.

Arnold Video of the Day