Hot Clicks: NBA dance teams bracket; NCAA tournament bans signs

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Hot Clicks has linked to a lot of brackets over the past couple of weeks, but we forgot to include's competition to find the league's top dance team. The Wizards cheerleaders are currently taking on the Cavs squad, but for our money, we don't see how anyone in the East can get past the ladies from the Miami Heat.

One More Bracket

Wizards, Cavaliers Cheerleaders:: Lou Capozzola,Greg Nelson/SI

With Duke back in the Final Four, the hatred for the Blue Devils has been ratcheted up. Rumors and Rants asks Duke fans if they know why their team is so disliked. ... West Virginia players mockedJohn Wall's dance after beating Kentucky on Saturday. ... A reporter got extremely choked up at Duke's postgame press conference yesterday.

NCAA Tournament Round-Up

Andy Roddick and Dwyane Wade faced off in tennis and H-O-R-S-E over the weekend. It looks like Roddick fared much better at H-O-R-S-E than Wade did at tennis.

Role Reversal

The man above is former Flames coach Jim Playfair. He currently coaches the AHL's Abbotsford Heat. He went ballistic during Saturday's game.

Add This To The List Of Great Coaching Meltdowns

Selita Ebanks :: Walter Iooss, Jr./SI

We know Shaquille O'Neal hasn't been playing lately, but he has kept busy by starring in the new music video for Owl City's Vanilla Twilight.

What's Shaq Been Up To?

With Leather has an in-depth report about pole dancing. ... The Red Wings' Patrick Eaves shows you how not to take a penalty shot. ... Cornhole should be an Olympic sport.

Random Links

Did you know that the NCAA Tournament prohibts fans from bringing signs into their arenas? I didn't. And neither did the folks about Joe Sports Fan, who put together this very funny video about the subject.

Sports Video Of The Day

Fan Sign Cruelty at St. Louis Regional from on Vimeo.

There's really not much to this video except for a dog eating the bumper off a police car. But you can't stop watching it. (Thanks to Hamed Almajed, of Bahrain, for the link.)

Determined Dog Video Of The Day

Watch the fast one these two hosts try to pull on the viewers.

Informercial Scam Video Of The Day

Blade Sharpener Infomercial Fail - Watch more Funny Videos