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Hot Clicks: Amber Lancaster; tee shot hit off Stewart Cink's groin area

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Golfer Zach Johnsontweeted the photo above of Stewart Cink. The picture was snapped yesterday at Cink's charity event, and Johnson provided this explanation: "For all who want to know, @stewartcink's charity event brought in a trick shot guy...YES he hit the ball off his crotch. Nuf said!"

Ballsy Move

Stewart Cink :: Credit -

You need to see what this Flyers fan did to his mom's car.

He's So Gonna Get Punished

The Chicago Tribune went after Flyers defenseman Chris Pronger by providing this poster in today's edition.

At Least He Has Nice Legs

Walker, of Atlanta, Paul, of Chapel Hill, N.C., Bill Niebruegge, of St. Charles, Mo., and Michael, of St. Louis, have all e-mailed this week demanding Amber Lancaster, who stars in the new MTV show, The Hard Times of RJ Berger, as the LLOD. Clearly, she deserves the honor, plus this gives me a chance to remind you that Lancaster was featured in Hot Clicks once before, when we revealed that she was dating Friday Night Lights star Zach Gilford. I can't seem to find out if they're still together, so if anyone has any info, let me know. As for Gilford, the most recent episode of FNL was his best ever. If you haven't seen it yet, you need to check it out ASAP.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Amber Lancaster :: Jeffrey Mayer/Getty Images

This clip of Glen "Big Baby" Davis telling President Obama "here we come" was pretty ho-hum until P. Diddy crashed the scene. On a side note, Diddy is tremendous in Get Him To the Greek. Go see it if you haven't.

Baby And Diddy

SI Recommends

Scott, of Moscow, Idaho, says, "Have you seen the clip of the little kid sneaking a drink of beer at the Phillies game? I am sure there are going to be huge protests and complaints about this. People always need something to complain about. If it comes down to getting rid of beer or kids at baseball games, my vote is the latter." I did link to the video in yesterday's A.M. Hot Clicks, but I still had to acknowledge this e-mail since it gave me a good chuckle.

E-Mail Of The Day

Joe Namath and Farrah Fawcett -- in towels.

SI Vault Photo Of The Day

With the Lakers playing tonight in the NBA Finals, this seems like to a good time to remember this 1987 anti-drug video made by members of the team. (Thanks to James, of Salt Lake City, for the link.)

Sports Video Of The Day

This student took a little snooze -- while President Obama was giving a commencement speech!

Napping Video Of The Day

A couple of weeks ago, celebrated the anniversary of Pac Man by putting the game on their homepage. This confused some people.

Tech Support Video Of The Day

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