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Hot Clicks: Gemma Atkinson; Jeremy Roenick cries on air after Blackhawks win

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Hot Clicks closes out its World Cup preview by unleashing the soccer WAGs. They're here, there, and everywhere.

Soccer's Significant Others

Model Gemma Atkinson dated Cristiano Ronaldo and was engaged to Marcus Bent. :: Joe Fox/Getty Images

NBC's Jeremy Roenick, who spent eight years as a Blackhawk, got a little emotional after Chicago won the Stanley Cup last night, which led to some uncomfortable one-hand man hugs with Dan Patrick and Mike Milbury.


As someone who's been to the New Meadowlands, I can tell you it needs some spice. It's basically just a dull, gray building with no charm. The folks at, however, have offered to help out. The site, which connects married people so they can have affairs, has offered $25 million for the naming rights of the Stadium.

Just In Time For The 2014 Super Bowl

There is a campaign under way to get Friday Night Lights star Zach Gilford an Emmy nomination based on his unbelievable performance in last week's episode. Even if you have never seen FNL (despite my many pleas), support the cause as a favor to me. This guy deserves it -- big time. If we were able to do it for Betty White, we should be able to do it for Saracen.

Get This Man An Emmy!

Zach Gilford :: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Charles Barkleyhas weighed in on that disturbing mustache that Michael Jordan sports in a new commercial.

With Friends Like These...

SI Recommends

Folks from the entertainment industry are really stepping up their efforts to get LeBron James to sign with their team. Movie producer, record executive and all-around mogul, David Geffen, reportedly is looking to become the majority owner of the Clippers so he can sign King James. Sopranos star James Gandolfinimade his plea for James to sign with the Knicks (and took at shot at Cleveland and New Jersey) at Spike TV's recently held Guys Choice award show. And while LeBron has been offered everything from a lifetime of free vodka via P. Diddy to free lapdances, the best offer -- in my opinion -- just came from former American Idol contestant and current star of the must-see Broadway show, Rock of Ages, Constantine Maroulis, who promised free tickets. That's that offer to take, LeBron. Trust me.

Today's "Courting LeBron James" Update

TBS announced today that it has dropped Red Sox-Phillies and will air Strasburg's start this Sunday afternoon at 1:00 p.m. ET against the Indians.

Strasburg-Mania News

Kobe Bryant talks about the art of "klosing" in this ad, but the best part is that he actually pokes fun of his infamous L.A. Timesphoto shoot.

Sports Video Of The Day

This bracelet promises to change your life. Even former Saints and Broncos running back Mike Bell says so. (Thanks to Vignesh, of Dundalk, Md., for the link.)

Ridiculous Product/Commercial Of The Day

The Karate Kid star spoofs himself in this awesome "trailer." (Warning: Video contains very strong language.)

Ralph Macchio Video Of The Day

Wax On, F*ck Off with Ralph Macchio from Ralph Macchio