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Hot Clicks: Patrycja Mikula; John Isner-Nicolas Mahut by-the-numbers

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Allow me to share with you the opening paragraph from thisChicago Tribune story: [Chicago] Fire defender Krzysztof Krol called the phone number on Patrycja Mikula's Facebook page in May even though he'd never met the Playboy model. Less than two months later, Krol and Mikula were saying "I do." I'm sure none of you want to check out Mikula, but here's a link anyway. (Thanks to Josh, of Chicago, for the tip.)

More Proof That Being An Athlete Is Fun

Patrycja Mikula :: Courtesy of

Wednesday's P.M. Hot Clicks featured Landon Donovan's ex-wife, Bianca Kajlich as the Lovely Lady of the Day. This generated a couple of e-mails. Jordan Connor, of Arlington Va., said, "Jimmy, at the end of the game a reporter was interviewing Donovan, and at the end of the interview he crowbarred in a "Hi Bianca" (or some such salutation). What is the status of their relationship? And was it an acrimonious split? I'm curious to know the motive behind Donovan's saying hi to his ex-wife. My girlfriend thinks he was good intentioned, that they are possibly on the mend, while I think he was being sarcastically vindictive, basically saying "eff you, look at me now". Can you delve into this for us? Dying to know." And Rich, of Buffalo, N.Y., said, "Jimmy, to many reader's dismay, I don't think Bianca Kajlich is Landon Donovan's "ex-wife" as suggested in today's hot clicks... I think they are still very married, in fact he blew her a kiss in his post-game interview. See 1:34 of this clip." Here is the scoop on Donovan and Kajlich.

World Cup Follow Up

Also, Tim, of Peoria, Ill., says, "Why is soccer broadcast in any language other than Spanish? Also, I will be in the UK next week. How appropriate is it for me to remind every Englishman I meet that we won the group and they didn't?" I have no idea what's appropriate, but I do know that you have an excellent point about the Spanish broadcast based on this clip of Donovan's goal.

Wednesday's A.M. Hot Clicks told you about a fan suing the Phillie Phanatic after he jumped on her knees and allegedly caused an injury. Today's Hot Clicks brings you this story of the Phanatic performing a sexual act on another mascot. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)

Phillie Phanatic At It Again

John Isner vs. Nicolas Mahut. As of this writing, they are tied at 59 games fifth set tiebreaker at Wimbledon. Here is a "by-the-numbers" break down of the incredible match. ...Here's a solid gallery on what 10 hours of tennis looks like. ... Here's a list of things you could've done in the 10 hours that Isner and Mahut battled.

The Match That Won't End

SI Recommends

John Isner, Nicolas Mahut :: Hamish Blair/Getty Images

OK, this might be the best LeBron James plea to date. The Web site is -- yes, K.C., where they don't even have an NBA team. (Thanks to Justin Hoppock, of Derby, Kan., for the tip.)

Today's "Courting LeBron" Update

Last week, Hot Clicks linked to a soccer WAGs bracket tournament. They've just gone into the second round and you can vote here. And to piggyback on what I said earlier this week, if you don't have Melissa Satta at least in your Final Four, you're dead to me. She even seems to be making a push for votes.

WAGs Bracket Follow Up

This catch by Florida's Matt Den Dekker is simply one of the best you'll never see. It happened at the College World Series last Sunday. For another angle, click here. (Thanks to Andrew Houk, of Gainesville, Fla., for the link.)

Sports Video Of The Day

Floridas Matt Den Dekker CWS Catch v UCLA - Watch more Funny Videos

Without a doubt, one of the 10 worst commercials you'll ever see. (Thanks to Joe Rosen, of Los Angeles, for the tip.)

Absurd Commercial Of The Day