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Three quick thoughts on Honduras-Switzerland (World Cup Group H)


Three quick thoughts after Switzerland and Honduras played to a 0-0 draw in Group H on Friday:

1. What a missed opportunity for the Swiss. They came in needing two goals to qualify over Chile and then at one point needed only a single tally (after Spain went up 2-0). Honduras isn't exactly the world's strongest defensive team, so the possibility of the Swiss going through to the second round was pretty good. But Switzerland squandered countless scoring chances and now head home knowing that it wasted that great victory over Spain to open the tournament.

2. Honduras did not represent CONCACAF well. The Hondurans were not going get out of a group that included Spain, Chile and the disciplined Swiss. But the hope was that they would have a few bright moments and reassure that world that CONCACAF has more quality than just the United States and Mexico. Well, they played better against the Swiss in the second half when countering opportunities were plentiful, but not enough to dull the overall stench to their performance. Coming into the game, Honduras had two shots on goal, fewest of any team in the World Cup. How many did they have against Switzerland? One. Costa Ricans everywhere must be banging their heads against a wall.

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3. Stephane Grichting is a warrior. In the 49th minute, Honduras' Jerry Palacios and Swiss defender Grichting went up for a ball and clashed heads. Grichting jumped higher, and when Palacois snapped his head up toward the ball, he caught Grichting square in the chin. It was the equivalent of a wicked hook punch, and Grichting had to be stretchered off. It was a scary moment, but Grichting, who may have been momentarily knocked unconscious, was eventually able to get to his feet and returned to the game.