Hot Clicks: Jenn Brown, Erin Andrews Swimsuit Issue speculation

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Late Monday afternoon, ESPN's Jenn Brown, who will be the new sideline reporter for the Thursday night college football game, Tweeted that she was asked to be in SI's 2011 Swimsuit Issue. Since then, I've received many e-mails asking if this is true and blogs have offered their own speculation. All I can tell you is that my inside sources tell me she will NOT be in the issue. From what I know, ESPN won't allow any of their "talent" to be in the issue. If the network did, don't you think the most famous sideline reporter who deserves the honor more than anyone would've been in it by now? And while we're on this subject, I keep getting e-mails from people asking if Brown, who is currently featured on, is the new Erin Andrews. Please stop sending me these e-mails. There is only one Erin Andrews. And as the unofficial First Lady of Hot Clicks, she will never be replaced. Unless Minka Kelly dumps Derek Jeter for me. So, yeah, she won't ever be replaced.

Swimsuit Speculation

Jenn Brown :: Jason LaVeris/Getty Images

On Friday, the folks at are embarking on a 30-stadiums-in-30-days adventure. I was exhausted just from reading their itinerary. On a side note, doing a trip like this has been a dream for two of my best friends, Rich and PT. So I'd just like to publicly call them out for being old and married and unable to pull something like this off.

The Ultimate Road Trip

Hot Clicks has posted some wacky videos of Lions linebacker Zack Follett in the past. Here's his newest piece of work, which features him in working out in the woods, throwing rocks and eating bugs. (Thanks to Basil Hakmeh, of East Lansing, Mich., for the link.)

Who Needs The Gym?

You just know Tiger Woods is thinking, "I went from sleeping with women all over the country to standing next to this guy." Anyway, for the scoop behind this picture, check out

So Many Captions

From left to right: Padraig Harrington, John Daly, Tiger Woods :: AP

Check out the world's largest skateboard. (Thanks to Dan Reiling, of Colorado Springs, for the link.)

People In Manhattan Should Use This

Andy Roddick sent this video out via Twitter last night and shared his thoughts on it.

Thanks, Andy

Joshua Maya, of Mexico City, says, "Jimmy, if you love and enjoy videos of fans running onto the field and then getting tackled by security, you must see this one. It's simply the best, no matter if is in Spanish. Maybe the security guy could be the next Julius Peppers.

Sports Video Of The Day

Guys, if you're on the dance floor with a nice woman, don't try this move. (Thanks to Adam Dukes, of Las Vegas, for the link.)

Dancing Video Of The Day