Hot Clicks: Joanna Krupa; Henrik Zetterberg marries Emma Andersson

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MMA Comes To NBC

Joanna Krupa:: Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

Two students from BYU created a motorized couch to drive around campus and help them get from class to class. But the school has now banned the ingenious invention. (Thanks to Ryan Meier, of Holladay, Utah, for the link.)

BYU Bummer

Add Red Wings center Henrik Zetterberg to the list of athletes who've gotten hitched recently. He tied the knot last Friday. Oh, and his bride, Emma Andersson, just happens to be a Swedish model.

Another Athlete Wedding

The Orioles are 30.5 games out in the AL East, but they're not the most incompetent show at Camden Yards. That distinction would go to the Orioles' security staff, who, for some unknown reason, let this fan run around the field for about two minutes before really trying to go after him.

Subpar Security

Orioles fan :: AP

What song have the Cleveland Indians started to play in the clubhouse after every win? Lady Gaga's Bad Romance.

Just What You'd Expect From Pro Athletes

German national team star Mesut Ozil practices his kicks no matter what he has to use.

Soccer Player Video Of The Day

After a two-week hiatus, we finally have a new This Week in Unnecessary Censorship. (On a side note, the guy from the "Double Rainbow" viral video was on Kimmel's show last night. You can watch his interview here and here).

Jimmy Kimmel Video Of The Day