July 26, 2010

MLB's Class of 1985 in the SI Vault

Waiting To Splash DownBy Jill Lieber, March 21, 1988A novel, sometimes even watery, regimen has helped make the Mets' Gregg Jefferies the best prospect in the minors.

Not Just A Tall TaleBy Hank Hersch, March 20, 1989Montreal's 6-foot-10 Randy Johnson, the loftiest major leaguer ever, is the giant of 1989's stellar class of rookie pitchers.

30/30 VisionBy Hank Hersch, June 25, 1990Pittsburgh's Barry Bonds sees those numbers coming.

Picture Perfect PitcherBy Richard Hoffer, May 4, 1992Randy Johnson, the Seattle Mariners' 6-foot-10 southpaw, is one of baseball's most explosive -- and eccentric -- moundsmen.

The Importance of Being BarryBy Richard Hoffer, May 24, 1993The Giants' Barry Bonds is the best player in the game today -- just ask him.

Sweet SwingerBy John Garrity, July 18, 1994Hyperactive, Elvis-loving Gregg Jefferies is happily hitting a ton for the St. Louis Cardinals.

An ArmfulBy Tom Verducci, July 7, 1997Despite a bad back, Seattle's Randy Johnson has outpitched Grove and Koufax.

A Star In The ShadowsBy Johnette Howard, September 8, 1997Though a top hitter of the 1990s, the Orioles' Rafael Palmeiro remains relatively obscure.

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