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Mike Tyson stories in the SI Vault

Ready To Soar To The Very Top By William Nack, January 06, 1986Hard-punching Mike Tyson, 19, has a lofty ambition -- to become the youngest heavyweight champ ever.

Only One No. 1By Pat Putnam, August 10, 1987 Iron-fisted Mike Tyson beat Tony Tucker to stand alone at the top.

Tyson The Timid, Tyson The TerribleBy Gary Smith, March 21, 1988What consumes the heavyweight champion of the world, what makes Mike Tyson an imposing as any fighter in boxing history? His own fear, perhaps.

Where's The Fire?By Richard Hoffer, June 24, 1991The controlled fury that not long ago lifted Mike Tyson to the pinnacle of his sport has already ebbed, as have his prodigious ring skills.

A Crushing VerdictBy William Nack, February 17, 1992An Indianapolis jury, after deliberating 10 hours, convicted Mike Tyson of raping an 18-year-old beauty-pageant contestant.

Destined To FallBy Richard Hoffer, February 17, 1992The same fury that drove Mike Tyson to glory in the ring brought him shame out of it.

Second ChanceBy Steve Rushin, July 3, 1995Mike Tyson deserves one in the ring, but whether he again merits the public's esteem is another matter.

Feeding FrenzyBy Richard Hoffer, July 7, 1997 A raging Mike Tyson dragged his sport to new depths When he sank his teeth into Evander Holyfield.

All the RageBy Richard Hoffer, May 20, 2002As he storms toward his showdown with Lennox Lewis, is Mike Tyson the ultimate psycho celebrity in the midst of a public breakdown -- or the shrewdest self-promoter in boxing history?