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Hot Clicks: Taylor Cole; Madden NFL 11 review

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The newest version of Madden (Madden NFL 11) hits stores today. Here's a review. is also taking a historical look at the game with three photo galleries: 1. 22 years of Madden; 2. The MaddenCover Curse; 3. History of football video games, from Mattel to Madden.

Madden Day

Madden NFL 11 :: EA Sports

Last week, after an embarrassing Georgia recruiting video was posted in Hot Clicks, I threw Bulldog fans a bone by featuring a Knowshon Moreno run in which he leapt over a defender. That prompted an e-mail from Austin, of Hattiesburg, Miss. "Jimmy, you should have known better than to post Knowshon Moreno's hurdle video. Don't you recall in 2008 when you did that that it led to days of half-back hurdles?" First, I'm impressed and touched by Austin's loyalty and memory when it comes to Hot Clicks. Second, I do remember that, and guess what? We're going to do it again. Why? Because college football is almost here and these video will help everyone get even more pumped up. Plus, I gotta fill two Hot Clicks a day. And readers have already sent in tons of submissions. So, here we go.


Scotty Churchill, of Charlotte, and Kevin Case, of Columbus, Ohio, sent in thisBeanie Wells run. ... Joe Wright, of Eugene, Ore., submitted thisLeGarrette Blount gem. ... And Vernon Wildy, of Glen Allen, Va., e-mailed this run by Brian Leonard. looks at the 10 ugliest college sports tattoos.

Speaking Of College Football...

Marcus Howard, of Adelaide, Australia, says, "I would normally try and spot a Lovely Lady from my piece of the planet here in Australia, but I came across Taylor Cole (a lovely American girl) who was on an Entourage episode a few weeks ago. I think Taylor more than qualifies for Hot Clicks' LLOD status. Apologies if she has already earned this coveted title already. Keep up the good work." Taylor has not had the honor, but you're right, she more than qualifies.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Taylor Cole :: Todd Williamson/Getty Images

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Sports Video Of The Day

What would the JetBlue flight attendant have done if he was on this flight? (Thanks to Nick K., of Ann Arbor, Mich., for the link.)

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