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Hot Clicks: Arizona State cheerleaders; Roy Oswalt plays left field


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With the college football season nearing, the Arizona-Arizona State rivarly is heating up. So much so that The Always Sunny In Detroit reports that when you type "" into your Web browser, it takes you to an Arizona Wildcats site. Burn! At least the Sun Devils can still take solace in knowing they have some of the top cheerleaders in the country.

Devil Of A Prank

Arizona State's Alicia:: Bruce Yeung/Yeung Photography

It looks like all went well for the Oakland A's ballboy who used his charm and a bunch of baseballs to score a date with a fan.

Love Story Follow-Up

The mayor of Winnipeg was playing in a charity soccer game on Monday when he accidentally kicked an opponent in the face. Unfortunately for the mayor, this is an election year. (Thanks to Dan, of Fort Frances, Ontario, for the link.)

Costly Kick?

During last night's Astros-Phillies game that went 16 innings, pitcher Roy Oswalt was forced to play left field for Philly. And, of course, a ball was hit out to him. The game also saw more ridiculous, arrogant, out-of-control behavior from an umpire. And after you watch the video, listen to the audio from the local Philly broadcast. (Warning: Link contains an f-bomb.)

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Roy Oswalt:: AP

Here's a look, using Facebook, at the significant events that have taken place in SEC football over the past decade.

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Sports Video Of The Day

Michael Jackson's Beat It meets the Chinese Red Army. (Thanks to David H., of Ansonia, Conn., for the video.)

Music Video Of The Day

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