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NFL Preview stories in the SI VaultThe Pros Hit The CloverBy Alfred Wright, September 5, 1955After years of feuding, professional football has finally found a host of faithful fans and now looks forward to its finest year.Previews:East | West

How I Play FullbackBy Jim Brown, September 26, 1960Jim Brown, the Cleveland Browns' explosive line-plunging fullback, gained fame as a college halfback while at Syracuse. In the next four pages he reveals how that early training led to his present success.Team Scouting Reports

The Dutchman Is Half An Inch AwayBy Tex Maule, September 13, 1965Coach Norman Van Brocklin has alternately sweet-talked and whiplashed his young Vikings into contention for the NFL title. His chief weapon is a gambling, scrambling quarterback called Peach.Team Scouting Reports

Nobody Thinks I Can TalkBy Robert F. Jones, September 21, 1970Fill in the missing word: Dick Butkus is the ___ football player in the world. Nastiest? Fiercest? Smartest? Strongest? Quickest? Angriest? Coolest? Roughest? Think about it for a while?maybe a moment or two. After all, Butkus (left) thinks about it constantly. Previews:American East | American Central | American West | National East| National Central | National West

He Does What He Wants Out ThereBy Roy Blount Jr., September 22, 1975In his dreams, Pittsburgh's Mean Joe Greene pushes and pulls his way past a guard, jumps six feet over the center, slaps aside another blocker, deflects the pass, catches the ball and runs 99 yards for a touchdown Previews: American East | American Central |American West | National East | National Central | National West

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Tick ... Tick ... TickBy Paul Zimmerman, September 8, 1980For 58 minutes the game grinds on as the teams probe each other's weaknesses, trying to establish a ground game to make the passing attack work, or a passing game to make the ground attack work, take your pick. Then the clock strikes 2:00, so to speak, and suddenly bombs start bursting in air. It's time for Two-Minute Football, the action part of any National Football League game.Previews: AFC East | AFC Central | AFC West | NFC East | NFC Central | NFC West

Mr. Smooth Rushes Into The Record Books By William Nack, September 4, 1985Meet Eric Dickerson of the L.A. Rams, who, running with a unique, eerily silent grace, outgained the magnificent O.J Previews: AFC East | AFC Central | AFC West | NFC East | NFC Central | NFC West

A Lamb Among LionsBy Austin Murphy, September 10, 1990A gentle soul off the field, Barry Sanders runs up a storm for Detroit Previews:AFC East | AFC Central | AFC West | NFC East | NFC Central | NFC West

A Matter Of StyleBy Peter King, September 4, 1995From the opposite personalities of Patriot quarterback Drew Bledsoe and his coach, Bill Parcells, a winning chemistry has emerged Previews:AFC Central | AFC West | NFC East | NFC Central | NFC West

Wanted!By Jeffri Chadiha, August 28, 2000The Most Coveted player in the NFL today is the quick, strong outside pass rusher who wreaks havoc on an opponent's aerial attack.Team Previews

Going By the BookBy Peter King, September 5, 2005So you think playbooks are just diagrams with lines going this way and that? You'll be amazed at what coaches stuff in them and how much the poor player has to learn.Team Previews