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Hot Clicks: Nicole Eggert; Rick Fox on Dancing with the Stars

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This is Rick Fox. He is a very lucky man. It started in 1997 when new Celtics coach Rick Pitino decided he had no use for the then-27-year-old and cut him. This allowed him to sign with the Lakers where he won three titles. Off the court, he married a Miss America (Vanessa Williams) and is currently dating actress Eliza Dushku. Now comes word that he's going to be a contestant on next season's Dancing With the Stars, alongside the lovely Audrina Patridge and a host of other "celebrities."

Fox Trot

Rick Fox :: AP

Just when you think Rusty Hardin is the worst lawyer involved in sports, along comes this incredible story. Sarah Jones, a cheerleader for the Bengals, filed a deposition against for posting some not-so-friendly comments about her personal life. The only problem is her lawyer accidentally filed the suit against, which is a record label for southern rappers, and now it's possible the $11 million judgment could be dismissed.

Dumb Lawyer of the Day

Shaquille O'Neal visited Boston over the weekend for the UFC 118 card at TD Garden and made quite an impression. He gave his entourage the day off and rolled solo through the campus of Harvard, jokingly asking a student where he could find the "microphysics building." He also let basketball fans know he is chasing Tim Duncan's five rings, not his former teammate Kobe Bryant. has video of Shaq's weekend in The Hub.

Shaq Takes Over Boston

Generally, the Lovely Lady of the Day is a chance for Jimmy to showcase an up-and-coming actress/model/athlete. Jimmy, however, is not here today, nor did he stay up late last night watching the cinematic masterpiece known as Blown Away. So today we are eschewing the usual format and going retro by paying tribute to the beautiful Nicole Eggert.

Lovely Lady of the Day

Nicole Eggert :: Getty Images

A Washington Post writer thought it'd be funny to make up a rumor about Ben Roethlisberger's suspension. His editors didn't find it so funny.

Bad Ideas in Journalism

From the McLobster to Life Savers soda, Guyism has the worst food innovations of all time.

Bad Ideas in Food

When I'm not filling in for Jimmy on Hot Clicks, I run the SI Vault and like to post old and embarrasing photos of athletes on the Vault Twitter feed. If you're not already following, then you should. Where else will you find a picture of longtime frenemies Bill Parcells and Bill Belichick about to kiss?

Vault Photo of the Day

The babes of the U.S. Open ... In case you're wondering, there is such a thing as deep-fried beer ... John Lennon's toilet sold for $15,000 at auction ... This is reason No. 4,596 why I am terrified to ever have a daughter.

Random Links

The Seattle Seahawks had some fun with a rookie player and a fake snake (Warning: bad language involved).

Snakes and Rookies Video Of The Day

This is just awful.

Bad Goal Of The Day