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Hot Clicks: Ines Sainz: Calvin Johnson's near-TD catch causes outrage

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Jimmy is suffering from a bad football hangover and has asked me to fill in on Hot Clicks for the next few days. Luckily, I'm not a biased New Yorker who thinks the NFL's sun rises and sets with the Jets. Apparently, neither does Ines Sainz. The reporter from Mexico's TV Azteca visited Jets camp over the weekend for a piece on quarterback Mark Sanchez. During her trip to the team's practice facility, she was the victim of "suggestive comments" from some players while members of the coaching staff "accidentally" overthrew receivers during drills so the ball would land near her. Of course, she was wearing these jeans so some players might have been distracted. Nonetheless, The Association of Women in Sports Media is demanding answers of HBO's favorite team, who kick off their season tonight against the Ravens. Got it? Now go get a f--king snack.

Another Controversy for the Jets

Ines Sainz : G Newman Lowrance /Getty Images

Lots to discuss off the NFL's opening week, starting with Lions wideout Calvin Johnson's near game-winning catch and the incredible reaction to the referee's controversial call that gave the Bears a victory. Speaking of Chicago, Devin Hester only saw one ball thrown his way, which may be attributed to this awful hairstyle. Linebacker Keith Brooking gave a kick-ass pregame speech but the Cowboys still lost because their game-winning touchdown was nullified by a holding penalty. The Patriots destroyed the Bengals, but the win was overshadowed byRandy Moss's "I want to be loved" speech and news that the Logan Mankins contract extension wasn't signed over an apology. Falcons coach Mike Smith looked to pull a hamstring whilecalling a timeout during the Falcons loss to the Steelers and Texans defensive end Conner Barwin suffered a really gross season-ending injury.

More NFL Notes

We'll get to college football in the P.M. Clicks, but Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson put himself in the lead of the Heisman Trophy race. He gained a remarkable 502 yards of total offense in a win over Notre Dame, including this 87-yard touchdown run and the best Heisman pose since Desmond Howard. But the best play of the weekend belongs to Oregon's LaMichael James, who banged out this 72-yard touchdown run against Tennessee.

College Football

Saturday marked the 25th anniversary of Pete Rose's final hit in the majors (he finished with 4,256) and the continuing sadness of his case was on full display. During a roast to celebrate the occasion, Rose broke down in tears while describing his 21-year ban from baseball and apologized to several former teammates in attendance. Rose also made his first appearance on the field at Great American Ball Park as the team honored the milestone. But don't feel too bad for the 69-year-old Rose -- this is his current girlfriend.

Lost in the Shuffle

Pete Rose :: Ronald Modra/SI

Let's take a break from the sports talk with a list of 11 ridiculous mustaches every guy should sport.

Mustache Time

Chad Ochocinco and Terrell Owens might have chosen an early retreat to the locker room over sticking around for a Bengals' Hail Mary attempt. Clearly, they didn't see Friday's miraculous game-winning pass from Garrett Steele, which gave Kingsbury (Calif.) High School a victory over San Luis Obispo.

Move Over, Doug Flutie

I am enjoying the war of words between Stan Van Gundy and Pat Riley ... Winnie Cooper had a son ... Dirk Nowitzki will join Kevin Garnett, LeBron James and Steve Nash on an upcoming episode of The Cleveland Show ... Is Antoine Walker planning a return to the NBA? ... Robert Green, the English goalkeeper who let in that horrible score during the World Cup, had another bad day ... Spencer Pratt has been banned from Costa Rica.

Random Links

Notre Dame receiver T.J. Jonespulls a DeSean Jackson and celebrates a touchdown before reaching the endzone. But the refs don't see it.

Near Notre Dame Disaster Video Of The Day

Remembering the Knicks' of the early '90s.

Old School Knicks Video Of The Day

Since we mentioned Winnie Cooper, here is a classic scene from The Wonder Years. Speaking of The Wonder Years, why can I watch four episodes of The King of Queens daily but can't find Paul Pfeiffer anywhere on my television?

The Wonder Years Video Of The Day