Mickey Mantle (Related Stories)

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Mickey Mantle stories in the SI Vault

The Mantle Of The BabeBy Robert Creamer, June 18, 1956Some old champions improve with age. Thus Swaps sets a new mile record at Hollywood Park and Archie Moore defends his title by scoring the 88th knockout of his career in London. But the overpowering onrush of youth is one of sport's inevitable and most exciting dramas, exemplified last week by a 21-year-old Floyd Patterson battering his way a step nearer the coveted heavyweight championship. And by the brawny young man at the right, Mickey Charles Mantle, who eyes the most famous baseball record of all: Ruth's magic 60.

Double M For MurderBy Walter Bingham, July 4, 1960Maris and Mantle are the bludgeons that may bring the pennant back to New York.

The Yankees' Desperate GambleBy Walter Bingham, July 02, 1962Mickey Mantle shouldn't be playing. His injured legs are still weak and another strain might end his career. But the Yankees swere losing without him and they couldn't afford to wait.

Mantle & MaysBy Ron Fimrite, March 25, 1985Once they were baseball's biggest heroes, and after too many years in exile, they're now back where they belong.

Time In A BottleBy Mickey Mantle and Jill Lieber, April 18, 1994After 42 years of alcohol abuse, a legendary ballplayer describes his life of self-destructive behavior and hopes his recovery will finally make him a true role model.