NFL Labor Issues (Related Stories)

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NFL Labor Stories in the SI Vault

Because Of A Clause, A CauseBy Gwilym S. Brown, May 01, 1972The National Football League season will get underway four months early this year. Only the game they will be playing, which pits those high-flying owners against the rough, tough players, is called Option Clause.

The Battle Is JoinedBy Gwilym S. Brown, March 18, 1974A brash young lawyer named Ed Garvey leads the players' revolt.

Star-struck CantonBy Ray Kennedy, August 05, 1974The NFL dispute moved into its fourth week at the Hall of Fame game, with players out picketing and owners out-tricking.

A Strike Forces The IssueBy Ray Kennedy, September 29, 1975After the owners promised new proposals, NFL players ended a chaotic walkout and kicked off the season. But the truce may be temporary.

And Then The Clock Showed 00:00By Robert H. Boyle, September 27, 1982So it was sudden death -- for pro football fans, that is -- as the NFL Players Association called a strike against the game's owners, beginning this week.

Still On The OutsideBy David Remnick, October 05, 1987Nearly two decades ago Dave Meggyesy took on the NFL in his scathing book. Now as a union man his struggle continues.

A Site For Sore KneesBy Tim Vanderpool, September 08, 1997Hobbled, uninsured ex-athletes find help in the hands of Dr. James St. Ville.