Hot Clicks: Ximena Navarrete; football player injured carving pumpkin

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Here are two enjoyable photo galleries: The first is a look at how fans attending NFL games yesterday dressed up for Halloween. The second is a look at how cheerleaders in the NFL dressed up for Halloween.

Halloween Leftovers


The New Mexico football team was without part-time starting quarterback Brad Gruner for Saturday's game against Colorado State because Gruner cut the pinkie on his throwing hand while carving a pumpkin. (Thanks to Ed Gonzalez, ofAlbuquerque, N.M., for the link.)

Injury Of The Day

Here's an 86-yard punt that only went 40 yards in the air. (Thanks to G.H., of South Dakota, for the link.)

Going, Going, Going...

Current Miss Universe title holder, Ximena Navarrete is today's LLOD.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Ximena Navarrete :: AP

A high school football game in Texas last weekend went to 12 overtimes.

And The Final Was Only 84-81

Where do they sell these toilets, because I want one?

Photo Of The Day

Whenever I put a picture of Kim Kardashian in Hot Clicks, I get lots of e-mails telling me to stop (despite traffic always being above average when Kim is featured in Hot Clicks). This morning, I didn't post any pictures of Kim in her Halloween costume(s), and I've been getting e-mails all day about my omission. So, now I have to fix that and link to this and this.

I Can't Win With You Guys

Hot on the heels of Randy Moss getting waived by the Vikings this afternoon comes this remix of Moss press conferences.

Sports Video Of The Day

The title of this YouTube video -- Midday Trainwreck -- says it all.

News Blooper Video Of The Day