Winning e-mails for Eagles Cheerleader Swimsuit Calendar

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Here are the winning e-mails for the Philadelphia Eagles Swimsuit Calendar. I eliminated anyone who wasn't an Eagles fan or at least trying to get the calendar for an Eagles fan. My comments on the winners are in bold, with the e-mail right below. All e-mails are in their original form. No editing has been done.

1. This reader submitted his e-mail from Kevin Kolb. An inspired move.

I deserve the Eagles cheerleader calendar because I was supposed to be starting QB for the Eagles, and got a concussion and benched instead. I don't have much going for me, I can't even kill wild animals with a bow. My life kinda sucks right now, everyone forgot about how good I was supposed to be. I think a calendar of cheerleaders would cheer me up. Or going hunting, but I'll take the calendar since it's free. -- Kevin Kolb, of, Great Falls, Mont.

2. He won because he said he'd send me a picture of the calendar hanging in his kitchen.

Why? Cause my wife asked me to turn off the Monday night game before it even started...imagine what I would have missed. I want the calendar just to piss her off. I'll hang it right in the kitchen. -- Rob Brandt

3. Mention the old-school, classic Starter jacket = you get a calendar.

I think I deserve the Eagles swimsuit calendar because I've been a huge Eagles fan for as long as I can remember (even though I was born and raised in Portland, Ore). I've been a huge fan my whole life because my Mom randomly bought me an Eagles Starter jacket when I was 8, and I rocked that jacket like I was the baddest kid at school. I love Hot Clicks by the way. You're truly doing the lord's work. Keep it up! -- Dustin Hettman

4. Too funny to not reward.

Jimmy, I'm not an Eagles fan, I live in Nebraska. However, the custodian in our office, Al, is a Philly transplant. Al is a gigantic Eagles fan. He's also a huge Philly trash talker around the office. Once again, I'm in Nebraska. No one gives a s--- about pro football around here aside from a scattering of Vikings, Broncos, Chiefs, etc. fans. But, Al just keeps on talking. Yesterday, Al was running his mouth as usual -- and predicted a 41-0 Philly win last night. We all laughed. Given the outcome of the game, obviously Al was closer than any of us would have imagined -- and we haven't seen him yet this morning presumably due to a late night of celebration. Anyway, since Al has to not only clean up after us, but also deal with our Cornhusker s--- all day every day, and is so crazy about his Eagles, I think he deserves a calendar. Thanks. -- Rich

Update - Al just showed up, hungover and fired up. He hasn't slept. He needs a calendar...

5. This guy missed Monday night's game and threw in a nice Hot Clicks reference at the end. Winner.

Jimmy, as a lifelong Eagles fan I've obviously been through enough tragedy and heartbreak for a lifetime (still depressed over the 2003 NFC Championship loss to the Bucs). I wasn't able to watch the game last night because I have an enormous exam that I had to study for, so I was forced to hear my roommates screaming in the other room while I read Powerpoint presentations for 6 hours, running out what seemed like every 2 minutes because we scored AGAIN. I think the Eagles cheerleader calendar would help ease the pain of missing the dismantling of McNabb's Redskins last night. It might even help me get over the 2003 NFC Championship loss, but probably not. And if you need a science tutor to understand the Periodic Table, I got you! -- Jeff, of Philly

6. Can't pass up a request for a member of the Navy.

Hello Jimmy, May I have a calendar for my nephew. He is in the Navy stationed in Diego Garcia. A tiny island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. We are putting together a care package for him and this would be a great treat for him. Thanks so much. -- Eric, Annapolis, Md.

7. So ridiculous it had to be rewarded:

Jimmy, I think I deserve an Eagles cheerleader calendar because Lauren is actually my girlfriend and will not allow me to go out and buy a calendar for myself. These calendars are my favorite because they provide me with my two favorite things in life - the Eagles and beautiful women. Lauren won't let me get this year's calendar though because she is scared I will fall in love with one of her fellow cheerleaders based on their pictures. She told me there are some good pictures in there this year and is worried that hers won't be the best and that I will leave her for a hotter cheerleader on the team. I told her this was not the case and that I'd be able to keep track of all of our dates on it but she still isn't buying it. However, if one happens to "randomly" get sent to me, then there is really nothing she can get mad about and I will still be able to keep track of all of my dates with her. In my eyes, this is really a win win situation for me. Hopefully you can feel my pain as I would really like to get an Eagles Cheerleader Calendar without getting in trouble with my lovely girlfriend. Life Long Eagles Fan-Devoted Hot Clicks Follower -- Lauren's Boyfriend, Ryan

8. This guy deserveed SOMETHING for his pain

I have been fortunate and unfortunate enough to be an Eagles fan my entire life but have only ever had a chance to attend one Eagles game. Now if it isn't sad enough that I've only had a chance to go to one Eagles game my entire life the game I attended was on September 30th, 2008 when.....MCNABB WAS SACKED 12 TIMES!!! As a result I have never gone to another Eagles game. An Eagles Cheerleaders calendar would go a long way in healing that still open wound. -- Dave B.

9. Saved the best for last.

Hey Jimmy,Hope I'm not to late to enter the contest. Love your work on HotClicks. I try to read it every day as it usually gives me a few good stories to tell my friends. I would love to be able to tell them that I won an Eagles cheerleader calender as well! So this is You're the Best Around, Michael Vick style.

Try to contain'cause he's a dual threatAlways a chance toBreak it

Try to wrap upThough it's really toughA weak arm tackle, he'llShake it

Andy Reid repeats himself,"Vick is my QB."Never doubt that he's the oneKevin Kolb in your dreams!

Vick's the best!Around!

Nothing's gonna ever keepHim down (3x)

Fights til the endNo one else can contentWith his accurate throws he'llGuide you

Ah gotta be proudStanding in the crowdAt "The Linc" with the fansBeside you

He tries his best to win them allAnd one day time will tell

In the endzone Vick isstanding thereNo need for Mike Bell!

Vick's the best! Around!Nothings gonna ever keepHim down! (3x)

Don't get a popOr channel flopCan't get up

Until the whistle stop (Mike!)Who's the best in town? (Mike!)

Listen to that soundMichael Vick is who we've gotHe'll lead us to the crown

Vick's the best!Around!