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Upton Brothers (Related Stories)


Upton Brothers stories in the SI Vault

School's Out By Daniel Habib, June 06, 2005The probable No. 1 pick in the draft, teenage shortstop Justin Upton looks like a natural to make the big leagues.

Grey Matter By Jason Grey, August 08, 2007D'backs rookie Upton already living up to major hype.

Virginia's Boy Wonders By Lee Jenkins, September 29, 2008The southeast corner of the state was no hardball hotbed?until a pair of AAU programs produced six current major league starters, including five first-round draft picks, in a span of eight years.

A tale of two brothers: What's the difference between the Uptons?By Tim Marchman, June 18, 2009One is arguably the most valuable commodity in the sport; the other is nowhere close. Why?

Rays' Upton leads group of players with something to prove By Joe Lemire, April 20, 2010At age 25, B.J. Upton is already in his sixth major league season and has gone through at least as many identities.

Diamondbacks' Justin Upton May Be As Good As He'll Ever Be By Tim Marchman, November 18, 2010Since the most valuable thing in baseball is a young star signed to a cheap contract, I was fairly shocked when I learned the Arizona Diamondbacks are, if not actively shopping outfielder Justin Upton.