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Hot Clicks: Tina Wallman; most exciting NFL teams; Jimmer Fredette

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The Houston Texans went 6-10 this season and failed to make the playoffs. However, based on a new study, they were the most exciting team in 2010. The Carolina Panthers were the least exciting.

Exciting News For Texans Fans

Andre Johnson, David Anderson ::Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Everyone has Jimmer Fredette fever. Things only intensified last night after the BYU star put up 43 points as BYU beat previously undefeated San Diego State. But Jimmer's older brother, T.J., has his own talent. He rapped for the crowd before Jimmer does his thing.

Talented Family

Kyle, of Kennewick, Wash., sent in this link, which explains (and shows) the worst flop in college football history.

This Performance Deserves A Standing O

Wednesday was Australia Day. Thanks to Jaime Edmondson, Hot Clicks had to delay the celebration by a day, so here are's 27 sexiest Australian women, which includes model Tina Wallman.

Photo Gallery Of The Day

Tina Wallman:: Greg Wood/Getty Images

Since some of the females in Hot Clicks Nation might not have enjoyed the item above, here are two links for them. Rangers forward Sean Avery has posed naked for a skin cancer awareness campaign. And Ravens running back Willis McGahee has posed naked for PETA.

In The Interest Of Fairness...

Stock Lemon breaks down the popular "Gatorade Shower" Super Bowl prop bet. ... Yankees general manager Brian Cashman took a break from whining about his owners signing Rafael Soriano, and tended bar in New York City last night. The pictures are a must-see for any Bombers fan. ... This NHL referee had an embarrassing moment last night.

Random Links

Super Booyah has compiled 10 of the funniest Xbox Kinect fail videos.

Time Killer

I can't figure out if it would be safer to just not use the windshield.

Driving Video Of The Day?

Hand-Powered Windshield Wiper - Watch more Funny Videos

Warning: Do not watch this if co-workers are around. You will tear up.

American Idol Video Of The Day