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Hot Clicks: Melissa Molinaro; Jonny Gomes 'Karate Kid' song controversy

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Let's see if I can properly explain this bizarre tale. It started yesterday when Hal McCoy of the Dayton Daily News reported that Reds outfielder Jonny Gomes was joyfully singing "Wainwright's out, Wainwright's out, Wainwright's out" in the Cincinnati clubhouse after hearing that the Cardinals pitcher may need Tommy John surgery. Gomes then denied ever doing this and McCoy even removed this piece of reporting from his story. Now word comes out that the song Gomes was singing was You're The Best Around from the Karate Kid. And now I have an excuse to link the amazing video.

It Always Comes Back To The Karate Kid

Karate Kid

Here's a pretty remarkable story from Puck Daddy, who always seems to find remarkable stories. Mike Hickey, an announcer for the Springfield Junior Blues of the NAHL, has suspended himself after losing it on the air when the team got into a fight with the Topeka RoadRunners. Among the things Hickey said was, "In the middle! With the long hair! Jerk! Greasy little punk!"

Broadcaster Meltdown

An insurance company is using the LeBron James free agency saga as a focal point in its new radio ad.

Still Getting Mileage Out Of LeBron Bashing

Throughout the week, I've been getting e-mails from people asking me to identify the Kim Kardashianlookalike in Old Navy's new commercials. When I first saw the ad, I thought it was Kim Kardashian, so I was glad to research this. It turns out the actress is named Melissa Molinaro. Obviously, if she looks like Kim Kardashian, she's a layup for LLOD honors.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Melissa Molinaro

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SI Recommends

A few months ago, Hot Clicks posted video of a girls hurdle team struggling bigtime to make their jumps. It was a big viral video and everyone had a laugh at their expense. While that may sound harsh, don't worry. The girls are laughing, too. They appeared on this week's Tosh.0to get their web redemption.

Where Are They Now?

Today's A.M. Hot Clicks featured a link to Kate Upton's 2011 SI Swimsuit pictures and a link to a photo gallery of Upton on About a million of you (OK, maybe 30-40) e-mailed me to ask why Upton's mole appears above her lip on the right side of her face in the SI photos but on the left side on the photos. All I can tell you is that after looking at some of Upton's pictures that she's posted on Twitter, I can report that the mole is on her right side, as it is in the SI photos. I don't know why it's different in the other gallery.


There is too much goodness here for me to describe. Basically, it's NFL players from the '80s (that alone makes it good thanks to the porn mustaches and short shorts) in an aerobics video hosted by Phil Simms. Enjoy. (Thanks to Jake, of Greenville, N.C., for the link.)

Sports Video Of The Day

What would the film E.T. look like if a sequel was made today? This trailer does a good job of showing us. (Thanks to Dan Andrade, of Brampton, Ontario, Canada, for the link.)

Fake Movie Trailer Of The Day