NBA Playoffs Preview (Related Stories)

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NBA Playoffs Preview stories in the SI Vault

The Fans Get The Booby Prize By Frank Deford, April 24, 1967The quality of basketball in the pro playoffs was astonishingly high and the courage of injured players called for applause, but puerile behavior by partisan spectators nearly spoiled the whole show.

In The NBA It's Muscle... By Pat Putnam, April 14, 1975New faces dot the playoffs, but when it's all over toward the end of May, you'll probably recognize Boston or Washington.

The 76ers: Bridesmaid Revisited By Bruce Newman, April 12, 1982Once again Philadelphia has terrific players and a superb record, but probably not enough muscle to win an NBA title.

The Dread R Word By Jack McCallum, April 18, 1988Pat Riley has good reasons for asserting that his Lakers will become the first NBA team in 19 years to repeat as champions.

Sugar Shaq By John Ed Bradley, April 25, 1994Life is sweet indeed for Shaquille O'Neal, the Orlando Magic's man-child in the promised land.

Raptor Rapture By Michael Farber, April 19, 1999Canadians and late-night sports anchors have fallen hard for rookie Vince Carter, whose gravity-defying feats include lifting Toronto into the playoff race.

The Big QuestionBy Jack McCallum, April 25, 2005Everyone is asking if freewheeling Phoenix, league leader in points and victories, can win in the playoffs. Recent history, and a lot of experts, say no. Then again ...