NBA fines Lakers, Jackson $75K for coach's lockout comments

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The NBA appears to have found its most effective revenue-sharing model.

And so long as the Lakers continue with their perceived missteps, the league's most successful franchise will just keep sharing the wealth.

A league source confirmed that Phil Jackson has been fined $75,000 and the Lakers fined a separate $75,000 for the coach's recent lockout-related statements. This comes one day after Kobe Bryant was assessed a $100,000 fine for aiming a homosexual slur at an official during the Lakers' game against San Antonio on Tuesday.

Jackson, who had a fireside chat of sorts with the team's beat reporters at hotel in Portland on April 7, spoke of the likely lockout and how it impacted his decision to retire after this season.

"It was really about the fact that there's going to be a lockout," Jackson said. "It's the perfect time to help the organization cover a gap if there's a lockout. My staff, all those guys who work with me. All those things played into it. I felt like an obligation.

"Who knows what the NBA is going to look like next year?" It's going to take on a whole different proportion. How long is it going to last? I think there are some people who are pretty convinced there's not going to be a year next year."

The league clearly didn't take kindly to the public assumption that there would be a work stoppage, especially considering the labor negotiations between the owners and players are approaching a critical stage with the collective bargaining agreement set to expire on June 30. The story was first reported by