May 23, 2011

Tiki Barber stories in the SI Vault

Q&A: Tiki BarberBy Richard Deitsch and Tiki Barber, April 11, 2005The Giants running back recently appeared in the off-Broadway play Women of Manhattan

A Barber Who Won't Cut It CloseBy Rick Reilly, November 13, 2006In America, you do not quit at the top. You do not quit when you're the leading rusher in the NFL. You do not quit when there's millions left on the table. But Tiki Barber, a 31 year-old Giants running back, is retiring at the end of this season, his 10th in pro football -- and the country wants to sue.

Media Giant?By Karl Taro Greenfeld, December 18, 2006Handsome, hardworking, underappreciated New York Giants running back Tiki Barber is about to hang up his cleats. But guess what? You'll be seeing even more of him once he's out of the game.

Free SpeechBy Chris Mannix, September 24, 2007Out of uniform, Tiki Barber is talking up a storm.

Now That Tiki Barber Has Fallen Down He Should Stage a ComebackBy Jeff Pearlman, June 29, 2010On the bright side, his legs should be plenty fresh for his inevitable NFL comeback attempt. That's pretty much it, bright side-wise, if you're Tiki Barber right now. The legs are fresh. Really fresh! Ready to go!

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