May 30, 2011

Jason Kidd stories in the SI Vault

New Kids On The Block By Richard Hoffer, November 23, 1992Freshmen Jason Kidd at Cal and Othella Harrington at Georgetown are about to assume the burden of being franchise players.

Changing Of The GuardBy Alexander Wolff, March 29, 1993Among the early upsets in the NCAAs was that of defending champ Duke and its consummate pointman, who staged an epic battle with his heir apparent.

New Bounce In Big D By Phil Taylor, December 19, 1994With the help of an old warrior and a wonder Kidd, the Dallas Mavericks are on the rebound after two deflating NBA seasons.

The Ball's In His Hands By Johnette Howard, November 11, 1996Jason Kidd, the Mavericks' precocious point guard, must prove he has the steadiness to lead a fragile team.

Breath Taking By Phil Taylor, December 04, 2000Focused and at the top of his game, Jason Kidd is tirelessly piling up assists and minutes -- and keeping the Suns hot.

C'est Magnifique! By Jack McCallum, June 16, 2003Outplaying Jason Kidd, Paris-schooled point guard Tony Parker helped stake the Spurs to an early lead.

Tipping Point By Ian Thomsen, April 04, 2005With the Nets' playoff hopes fast dwindling, Jason Kidd intends to hold management's feet to the fire.

Back In The Picture By Chris Mannix, April 10, 2006When did the streaking Nets enter the discussion about NBA title contenders? Around the same time that 33-year-old Jason Kidd reentered the conversation about the league's elite point guards.

Wise Old Kidd By Chris Mannix, February 01, 2010So what if he's a step slower and needs a game-day nap? The Mavericks' cagey point guard is aging just fine.

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