Hot Clicks: Amra Silajdzic; Thomas Jones-Jonathan Baldwin get in fight

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This photo of Guatemala's Manuel Moreno going for a squeeze on Portugal's Sergio Oliveira is just one of the gems in the latest installment of Did You See That?,'s collection of the fun, wacky photos from the past week.

Did You See That?

Sergio Oliveira, Manuel Moreno :: Fernando Vergara/AP

Chris Bryant, of Detroit, who is an Iowa City native, says, "How did the worst-looking football-rivalry trophy go from bad to worse? Check out the Cy-Hawk Trophy, which goes to the winner of the Iowa-Iowa State football game. Here's the old trophy, which I'd describe as something that was probably made in an early-1970s shop class and intended to go to the winner of a crosstown junior high rivalry game. Here's the new trophy, introduced this morning, which has already been described as something they'd give out as a prize at the Iowa State Fair." The new trophy is actually much worse than Chris describes.

Who Would Want To Win That?

With the Little League World Series in full swing, has an in-depth look at the fathers you see at those games who go too far with their behavior. Speaking of kids and sports, here are six essential tips for taking small children to sporting events.

Child's Play

Bill, of Line Lexington, Pa., says, "Jimmy, how about an LLOD for Amra Silajdzic? I promise you won't be disappointed!" After checking out the actress, Bill was 100 percent correct, so Amra gets today's LLOD honors.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Amra Silajdzic :: Brian To/Getty Images

Reports say Chiefs rookie wide receiver Jonathan Baldwin ended up with a broken wrist after fighting with teammate Thomas Jones at practice today. Memo to Baldwin: This is NOT the guy with whom you want to fight.

Not Smart

The title of this video is "People Are Awesome." It should be "Some People Are Awesome And Some Are Good At Editing," because some of the stunts here are fake. But this is still a fun compilation to watch. (Thanks to Edward Sun, of Allen, Texas, for the link.)

Sports Video Of The Day

Via Tosh.0 Blog comes this video of a man eating apples while juggling them.

Juggling Video Of The Day

Worst parents ever.

News Report Video Of The Day

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