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Hot Clicks: Caroline Celic; Guinness records set in 2011

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I don't want to oversell this, but this photo gallery of 2011 Guinness Book Records -- which includes the steepest roller coaster, most hugs in one hour, most people in a BMW Mini, and most beer bottles rode over on a unicycle -- is outstanding.

What In The World?

Steepest roller coaster :: Fujikyu Highland/Handout/Reuters

What does a mother do when she's listening to sports-talk radio and people are ripping her son's coaching ability? If you're Barbara Dooley, mother of Tennessee football coach Derek Dooley, you call up and defend your son. (Thanks to Jimmy, of Auburn, Ala., for the tip.)

A Mother's Love

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats are allowing fans get to choose the team's first offensive play from scrimmage in tonight's game against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. This is a regular season game. Hamilton is only one game behind Winnipeg in the standings. (Thanks to Phil, of Toronto, for the link.)

When A Fan Promotion Goes Too Far

Randy, of Denver, says, "Jimmy, who was your most recent podcast interview? Was it Chris Cooley? Oh wait, never mind. You've been pimping it in every Hot Clicks since the interview. For the love of Peter Gammons' mustache, could you please give us a break on the podcasts already? While I'm at it, please feature Caroline Celico. You know, the footballer Kaka's WAG. Thanks." I can't give you a break on the podcast because if I don't have it in Hot Clicks, there's nowhere else to find it. Plus, unfortunately, people don't read every edition of Hot Clicks, so some folks might miss the podcast. Furthermore, having the podcast in Hot Clicks doesn't mean there are fewer links/items. It's just here in addition to everything else, not instead of everything else, so once you've listened to the podcast, you can just skip over the item in future editions. Last but not least, Caroline Celico gets today's LLOD honors.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Caroline Celic :: Getty Images

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SI Recommends

Since the long-time skipper is on his way to the ALCS, this is a great time to watch this vintage clip of him going off on Barry Bonds from their days together in Pittsburgh.

It's Hard Not To Like Jim Leyland

With Rangers pitcher C.J. Wilson starting Game 1 of the ALCS Saturday night, I spoke briefly to the lefthander before Thursday's Tigers-Yankees deciding Game 5. Yankees or Tigers, do you have a preference?

Wilson: It's hard to say you have a preference. Obviously, we have homefield against Detroit, and not New York. But other than that there's no preference. You're starting Game 1, which means you could make three starts. How do you feel about pitching on three days rest?

Wilson: I don't know what our program is with that. I don't know if the team would have me throw Games 1, 4, 7 or 1, 5 and pitch in relief. I don't know. It doesn't really matter. At that point you're pitching for all the marbles and you wait your whole life to be put in that position. You're just hoping for success really. You had a rough start against the Rays in the ALDS. What do you chalk that up to? Was it a mechanical thing?

Wilson: I just got all my runs allowed out of the way. I just gotta think positive. But it was probably a little bit of everything. I'm not going to dwell on it. I had a bunch of good starts in a row in August and September and then I had a bad one. It's all right. You guys reached the World Series last year. Does this postseason feel different from last postseason?

Wilson: It does feel different. Even though we went through Tampa Bay again, it's not that it's old hat, but there's familiarity. Especially since it was just last year that we were in the playoffs. It we had like a year off, maybe it would feel new, but we have virtually the same team, so people are confident and positive about where we are. Lately you've been tweeting a lot about your photography, racing cars, bacon...

Wilson: Bacon is fantastic. And actress Olivia Wilde. [Eds note: Wilson and SI Swimsuit model Dominique Piek recently had an amicable split.]

Wilson: She's a good looking woman, man. Rank them in order of preference.

Wilson: I think she might be a vegetarian or vegan, so bacon might have to be off the list if she's on the list. Would you give up bacon for Olivia Wilde?

Wilson: Yeah, I'd give up bacon for Olivia Wilde. If she's really cool. Hopefully she is. But the next girl I date has to be into car racing on some level or understand cars. If someone doesn't understand my passion for car racing, then I just don't think it has much of a chance at all.

Checking In With C.J.

Max Ashton of the Foundation for Blind Children threw out the first pitch prior to Game 4 of the NLDS Wednesday night. He couldn't have done it better. (Thanks to Doug Dreger, of Woodbridge, N.J., and Adam MacIntyre, of Burlington, Ontario, for the video.)

Sports Video Of The Day

Watch what happens when this girl finds out she's going to Disney World.

Emotional Kid Video Of The Day