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Hot Clicks: Jessica Jane Clement; Steve Spurrier rips reporter

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Steve Spurrierwent berserk at his press conference today and refused to speak while a certain columnist -- Ron Morris of The State -- was in the room. This wasn't a good day for Spurrier. Quarterback Stephen Garcia, who has been suspended from the team FIVE times, was dismissed from the squad.

Fight No. 1

Steve Spurrier :: AP

Right after Derek Fisher gave a press conference at the NBA meetings last night, two cameramen got into the worst fight you'll ever see -- which means it's the best fight you'll ever see.

Fight No. 2

CBC hockey analyst Don Cherry called a few ex-players "pukes," "hypocrites" and "turncoats" last week. Now, they're threatening to sue.

Fight No. 3

There has been a steady stream of e-mails into my inbox over the past few weeks asking that I make English model and actress Jessica Jane Clement the LLOD. Today is that day.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Jessica Jane Clement :: Paul Treadway/Retna Pictures/Photoshot/Newscom

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SI Recommends

Jim, of Elmhurst, Ill., sends in an e-mail that is similar to many others I've gotten lately, especially after this video hit YouTube. He says, "How can we find out who the extremely well-built and attractive young lady is who sits in the front row behind home plate and keeps score at the Brewers home games? She appears to be sitting by herself. She very distracting (in a good way of course)." Here's the scoop.

Who's That Girl?

1. Several of you wrote in to say that though Nelson Cruz's walk-off grand slam Monday night was technically the first in postseason history, Robin Ventura did it with the Mets in 1999, but was only credited with a single because he never rounded the bases.

2. The story Hot Clicks linked to yesterday about Texas Tech students vandalizing Texas A&M's bus? Texas Tech says it's not true.

3. Many of you wrote in to point out that in the Virginia Tech video posted in Monday's A.M. Hot Clicks a cop/security guard throws a kid to the ground like a rag doll at the 1:50 mark.

Follow-Up Items

Check out the touchdown scored by Sam Houston State running back Tim Flanders against Stephen F. Austin this past Saturday.

Sports Video Of The Day

This commercial for a law firm in Finland has caused a stir. It seems pretty effective, though. (Thanks to Scott E., for the video.)

Banned Commercial Of The Day