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Hot Clicks: Joanna Krupa; World Series prop bets

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With the Fall Classic kicking off tonight between the Cardinals and Rangers, Hot Clicks takes a look at some of Bodog's prop bets. A couple of notes: First, I'm surprised Texas is favored this much considering St. Louis has home-field advantage. Also, if I were a betting man, I'd take a chance that both Albert Pujols and Nelson Cruz hit over 1 1/2 homers in the series. You're getting extra juice on both guys, so if one does it, you win money. Of course, that's just recreational advice.

Series Prices
Texas Rangers: -155
St. Louis Cardinals: +125

Total Home Runs hit in series
Over/Under: 13 Home Runs

Will any game go to extra innings?
Yes: -130
No: Even

Highest number of runs scored by a team in a game?
Over: 9 (-130)
Under: 9 (EVEN)

Total HRs in the Series -- Albert Pujols
Over: 1 1/2 (+175)
Under: 1 1/2 (-215)

Total HRs in the Series -- Nelson Cruz
Over: 1 1/2 (+160)
Under: 1 1/2 (-200)

World Series Wagers

World Series :: AP

Good news: Li'l Ron Washingtonis back.

Speaking Of The World Series...

A restaurant in Venice Beach, Calif., will no longer show Raiders games because fan behavior gets out of control.

Wait 'Til Carson Palmer Stinks It Up

Model and actress Joanna Krupajust did this photo shoot for FHM.

Photo Gallery Of The Day

Joanna Krupa :: AP

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You never know how an opponent will react when you taunt him. In the case of this soccer player, he went with depantsing. (Thanks to Michael James for the link.)


In yesterday's P.M. Hot Clicks, I posted a video of The Tailgate Song by Nathan Osmond and asked for some information about one of the attractive referees in it. Hot Clicks Nation, as always, came through. Before I get to that, here's one tidbit about the video, via Rod, of Calgary: The singer is Donny and Marie Osmond's nephew. The family is of Mormon faith, and that's why, in a video about tailgating, there's no beer shown. As for the brunette referee, her name is Keatyn Swift and she has a Web page.

Important Follow-up

Doug Martin, of Columbus, Ohio, says, "I am a former member of the Ohio State water ski team, which competed last weekend at the Division I nationals and proudly finished seventh. This is a video of Kyle Dammeyer, a member of our team taking a pretty nasty spill on his second jump attempt. I don't think you have to be a fan of competitive water skiing to appreciate the obvious pain he incurred." Yes, Dammeyer's crash is pretty gnarly, but this also needs to be watched for the awesome call of the play-by-play man.

Sports Video Of The Day

This dude didn't just want to tell his boss he was quitting. He wanted to have a marching band help him out. You can get the full story here after you watch the clip below.

Job Quitting Video Of The Day