Morning Jolt: NBA players turning on Billy Hunter

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Wednesday, November 2

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Players turning on Hunter

Billy Hunter may have lost his most significant battle: the battle of support among players. [After this past Friday], a strong movement within the Players Association emerged that vowed the union will never let him act so unilaterally again. From superstars to midlevel players to rookies, there's an unmistakable push to complete the final elements of the system and take this labor deal to the union's 400-plus membership. Beyond that, there's an even larger movement to push Hunter, the Players Association's executive director, out the door once these labor talks are done. All [heck's] broken loose within the union, and no one is exactly sure how they're going to get a deal to the finish line. (Yahoo! Sports)Comment

Cuban would buy Dodgers, but not at $1B

At the right price, Mark Cuban would buy. [Cuban], the owner of the NBA champion Dallas Mavericks, said he offered to buy the Dodgers several months ago but declined to enter negotiations when owner Frank McCourt said the price would be in the range of $1 billion to $1.2 billion. "At that price, I wasn't interested," Cuban said Tuesday. Cuban, who has lost out in bidding for the Chicago Cubs and Texas Rangers, said he remains interested in buying the Dodgers. Cuban said he could not recall exactly when he made his overture to McCourt, but said he did so "in anticipation of what might happen." ... Steve Sugerman, a spokesman for McCourt, said the Dodgers owner denied ever discussing a possible sale with Cuban. (Los Angeles Times)Comment

Tension between Boudreau and Ovechkin?

Trailing by a goal with 62 seconds to play Tuesday, Alex Ovechkin was stapled to the bench, somewhat overshadowing a thrilling win. [Said Bruce Boudreau when asked why he didn't use Ovechkin]: "I thought other guys were better than him and I thought there was just a chance that other guys might score the goal." ... Boudreau said he couldn't put a finger on what was wrong exactly with Ovechkin. "I don't know," Boudreau said. "It just wasn't working for him." But another video clip that was part of the national broadcast of Tuesday's game, showed Ovechkin on the bench during the timeout the Capitals called during the stoppage in play with 1:02 remaining where the star left wing looked displeased and mutters what appears to be an expletive. (The Washington Post)Comment

Must-See Photo

Who says baseball ends after the Fall Classic? Yankees center fielder Curtis Granderson (right) celebrates with with his teammates after hitting a home run during MLB's All-Star Game in Taiwan. (Pichi Chuang/Reuters)

Must-See Video

The Miami Heat were supposed to open their season against the New York Knicks tonight. But alas, with the lockout, we'll have to settle for this gem from last year where Rajon Rondo gets under the Heat's skin.

Game To Watch

The Sabres (6-4-0) host the Flyers (6-4-1) in their first meeting since last season's memorable playoff battle.

  1. Philadelphia Flyers
  2. Buffalo Sabres

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  • 1992 -- Magic Johnson retires from the NBA again, this time for good because of fear due to his HIV infection.
  • 1974 -- The Braves trade Hank Aaron to the Brewers for Dave May and Roger Alexander.
  • 1972 -- After leading the league in victories (27), ERA (1.97), starts (41), complete games (30), and strikeouts (310), Steve Carlton wins the NL's Cy Young Award.
  • 1946 -- Red Auerbach makes his professional coaching debut for the Washington Capitols in a 50-33 road win over the Detroit Falcons.