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Morning Jolt: Will NBA players turn on MJ?

Monday, November 7

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Will NBA players turn on MJ?

Michael Jordan's reported hardline stance may come back to bite him. NBA superstars such as Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul, Dwyane Wade and Ray Allen are among the 19 NBA players who endorse the Jordan Brand, according to a sneaker list at They represent 37 All-Star appearances, three NBA championships and seven Olympic medals. ... Are those players going to want to represent a man who first cashed in on them, and now has cashed out on them? ... When a Twitter follower of Stephon Marbury's tweeted Sunday, "Hearing Mike Jordan is going real gangsta on the players," Marbury had an interesting response. "Mike has never been with the real. Mike lives up there in the air up there. He can't come down," Marbury tweeted. (The Arizona Republic)Comment

Miami thinks Davis was hung over

Even in a win, something went awfully wrong for the Dolphins -- Vontae Davis was late to a practice, and he was involved in an argument with receiver Brandon Marshall. And yes, the argument between Davis and Marshall started when Marshall called out Davis and then threw the ball at his head, as reported by Fox-TV. But the reason most responsible and most alarming about Davis missing Sunday's game against the Chiefs is that the Dolphins believe Davis was drunk the night before the Saturday practice to which he was late. And when he showed up at the Miami facility, a source said Davis had the smell of alcohol and was suffering from an apparent hangover. (The Miami Herald)Comment

Williams won't commit to Nets

Nets fans, especially those rooting for Kardashian-Humphries, were given some fuel for pessimism as the franchise moves. Deron Williams is blogging about being undecided about his plans and talking of renting not buying when he returns from Turkey after the lockout ends. Williams can opt out of the final year of his contract, worth $17,779,458 for 2012-13, when (if) this season ever ends. That decision affects every phase of the Nets operation, of course. And Williams has said virtually everything the Nets want to hear about staying. Until now. In his latest blog from Turkey, where he has been playing during the NBA lockout, Williams did not sound like a guy who is completely committed to the New Jersey/Brooklyn Nets. (New York Post)Comment

Must-See Photo

When you own the team, like Bud Adams and the Titans, you can wear whatever you like on an NFL Sunday (AP)

Must-See Video

Mark Sanchez finds that he best stay under center in the closing minutes of the Jets win over the Bills Sunday.

Game To Watch

The Eagles and Bears each look to win their third game in a row when Michael Vick and Co. hosts Matt Forte, 8:30 p.m. ET

  1. Chicago Bears
  2. Philadelphia Eagles

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  • 1988 -- Sugar Ray Leonard KOs Donnie LaLonde.
  • 1967 -- Elston Howard of the Yankees becomes the first African-American to win the AL MVP award.