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Hot Clicks: Dominique Storelli; Charles Barkley talks NBA, Tebow, gambling

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The outspoken Charles Barkley joined the latest edition of the Hot Clicks Podcast for a chat that covered a wide array of topics. Along with the state of the NBA, David Stern's power trip and the status of Chris Paul and Dwight Howard, we also discussed Barkley's disdain for the over-the-top Tim Tebow coverage, his intense hatred of Skip Bayless, his gambling habits and dieting. Yes, dieting. Barkley is the new spokesman for Weight Watchers. You can listen to the show below or download it here.

The Hot Clicks Podcast

Charles Barkley :: US PRESSWIRE

Now that the Skittles secret is out about Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch, Seattle fans are acting accordingly. After Lynch scored a late touchdown against the Rams last night, he was showered with the little, colorful candies.

Raining Skittles

That's not just an expression. That's literally what North Carolina high school football player Petey Williamsrecently did to avoid a tackle.

Bending Over Backwards

I figured you'd want to know that Florida native Dominique Storelli just won's Hometown Hottie contest.

Photo Gallery Of The Day

Dominique Storelli ::

In yesterday's A.M. Hot Clicks, we covered the wild finish to Indiana's upset win over Kentucky on a last-second three-pointer. Some creative individual has taken the video of the game's ending and added music from Hoosiers, to make for this amusing clip. (Thanks to John, of Columbus, Ohio, for the link.)

Making Something Great Even Better

Best part of this clip from last night's Oral Roberts-Arkansas-Little Rock game is the announcer saying, "Let's go to overtime." Um, no.

Sports Video Of The Day

Kimmel's bit in which he had parents tell their kids that they ate their Halloween candy went viral. The same will probably happen again with this new offering: "I Gave My Kids a Terrible Present."

Jimmy Kimmel Video Of The Day

Matt Pfeffer, of Nashville, says, "Jimmy, every year my brother and I make a Christmas Card for our friends and family. Here's one of them. Merry Freakin' Christmas!" I'm not sure I know what is going on in this video, but Matt and his brother had the good sense to use Frank Sinatra's version of Jingle Bells, so I'm posting it.

Christmas Card Video Of The Day