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Hot Clicks: Gina Carrano; Bernard Tomic dating Donay Meijer

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The dude above is Bernard Tomic. The reason for his expression in the photo might be because he had just won a point at the Australian Open (where he's advanced to the fourth round). It also might be because he's dating Australian modelDonay Meijer.

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Bernard Tomic :: Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

I love Kevin Harlan. This call from last night's Jazz-Mavericks game is just another reason why.

Call Of The Day

You wouldn't think hockey would lend itself to many trick plays, but this double shot pulled off by Western Michigan last Saturday was pretty nifty.

Trick Play Of The Day

MMA fighter turned actress Gina Carano stars in the action movie Haywire, which is out today. So Hot Clicks is giving you not one, but two galleries of Carano.

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Gina Carano :: Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

I'm not quite sure what goes on ESPN during the day with all their wacky shows, but things got really crazy yesterday when they had Cuba Gooding Jr. on (why wouldn't he be on SportsCenter?) and he performed some ridiculous imitation of Allen Iverson, complete with a major expletive. The head-scratching moments for ESPN continued into last night, when the play-by-play man for the Illinois-Penn State basketball game saw a Rebecca Black picture in the crowd and said the 14-year-old singer was dating Illini center Meyers Leonard.

World Wide Wackiness

This woman gets hit by a car - viciously - and gets up like it's nothing. (Thanks to Blaine, of Roaknoke, Va., for the video.)

Toughest Person On Earth Video Of The Day

We've seen a lot of Party Rock Anthem parodies, but this one, which explains the lyrics using MS Paint, might be the best.

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