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Hot Clicks: Kate Upton; Michelle Vawer; Chris Bosh curses during interview

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If you can pull yourself away from's Swimsuit content for a few minutes, I strongly recommend you check out this fun gallery on the art of free throw distracting.

Stay Focused

Pau Gasol :: Bob Rosato/SI

After the Heat defeated the Bucks last night, Chris Bosh interrupted LeBron James's postgame interview to scream and curse on live TV.

Bad Behavior

Meet the baseball fan who has every American League mascot tattooed on one side of his torso, and every National League mascot tattooed on the other side.

He's On Every Bandwagon

In what has become an annual tradition in Hot Clicks, we will be naming an SI Swimsuit Rookie of the Year. When I say "we," I really just mean "me." But for some reason, people take this seriously. In fact, it's on Kate Upton's Wikipedia page that she was named the ROY. Anyway, without further ado, this year's Swimsuit Rookie of the Year is Michelle Vawer. That's my pick. If you want to vote go here.

Rookie Of The Day

Michelle Vawer :: Walter Iooss Jr/SI

For some reason, ESPN analyst Digger Phelpsdecided to lecture Kentucky fans who made the trip to Vanderbilt for College GameDay on Saturday about their behavior. If you listen carefully towards the end, you can hear the person filming Phelps' bizarre speech call him an a------.

Digger's Dumb Message

Tons of you correctly guessed yesterday that my face was photoshopped ontoRafael Nadal's body in a picture with SI Swimsuit model Bar Refaeli. The first person to respond, though, was Lorenzo Arguello (@lozotweets), so he is the winner. I'd also like to say that I got a huge kick out of the guesses, which included Jeremy Lin, Novak Djokavic, Michael Phelps, Landon Donovan, Tony Parker, Blake Griffin, Ricky Rubio, Alex Rodriguez, C.J. Wilson, Mark Sanchez and last, but not least, Derek Jeter. Many of you told me that you guessed Jeter because it would be my dream to have my face on his body. Very creative and very funny.


I was able to get some time with SI Swimsuit cover model Kate Upton on Monday. Here is our chat, which includes a message for Hot Clicks Nation. And, yes, I know I screwed up by not holding my iPhone sideways. I am an idiot and I apologize.

Kate Upton Video Of The Day, No. 1

This is a brand new commercial for the MLB2K video game, starring some decent players and Kate Upton.

Kate Upton Video Of The Day, No. 2

Here is Upton talking about her whirlwind day Monday when she found out she landed on the cover of the Swimsuit Issue.

Kate Upton Video Of The Day, No. 3