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Hot Clicks: Alana Blanchard; celebrities get on the Jeremy Lin bandwagon

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The Jeremy Lin bandwagon has become a scary place. There's View host Whoopi Goldberg sporting a Lin jersey (above) on Wednesday's show. Sarah Palinalso took advantage of a photo-op yesterday by holding up her Linsanity T-shirt. Singer Nicki Minaj, fresh off her Grammy exorcism, reportedly wants to hang out with Lin during All-Star weekend. And last, but certainly not least, there's the Kim Kardashianfactor.

And Here Come The "Celebrities"

Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar :: Donna Svennevik/Getty Images

If you're Giants running back Brandon Jacobs, you make an appearance at a TNA wrestling event, and have a wrestler spit beer all over you. (Scroll to bottom for video.)

What Do You Do After Winning The Super Bowl?

If there's one thing you watch regarding the sad passing of Hall of Fame catcher Gary Carter, it should be his final at-bat in the major leagues. And since one of the staples of Hot Clicks is pointing out local news gaffes, we do need to post this link to a pretty bad mistake by a local New York reporter.

RIP, Kid

There seems to be a big demand for surfer Alana Blanchard to be featured in Hot Clicks. Dave T., of Denville, N.J., says, "Tomorrow is Friday and I need a pick me up as I still haven't found an apartment yet and my rent is ending (The landlord wanted 18 percent more for my NYC shoe box and I can't afford it in this economy). Can you help out? A surfer like Alana Blanchard would definitely make me feel better." Jim, of Richland, Wash., says, "I think we all need to learn more about Alana Blanchard." Jim was intrigued by this video. And Stephen Leech, of Los Angeles, says, "I know the sport of surfing isn't often covered in Hot Clicks, but I think making Amanda Blanchard would be an awesome way to give surfing some love." If it's Alana Blanchard that Hot Clicks Nation wants, it's Alana Blanchard that Hot Clicks Nation gets.

Photo Gallery Of The Day

Alana Blanchard :: Mark Samala/ZUMA Press has compiled some of the "love" related tweets that athletes sent out this week.

Tweets Of The Week

If you haven't listened to the newest Hot Clicks Podcast with Angels pitcher C.J. Wilson, you should. It would be impossible to mention all the topics we covered, but after telling me he hasn't watched television since November, Wilson later describes what it's like to go to an L.A. club with transvestites, little people, and Kim Kardashian. There are plenty of other good nuggets in between, including Wilson talking about what it was like to film a commercial with Kate Upton. You can listen to it below or download it here or here if you have an MP3 player.

The Hot Clicks Podcast

Jake Day, of Eugene., says, "My friends down in Utah have too much free time on their hands." Based on the video below that Jake sent in, I'd say they've made great use of their time.

Rope Swing Video Of The Day

Here is this week's installment of This Week in Unnecessary Censorship.

Jimmy Kimmel Video Of The Day