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Hot Clicks: Toni Garrn; NCAA tournament field set

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Jimmy is in Atlantic City watching Not Another Teen Movie. He will be back on Thursday. Meanwhile, the NCAA Tournament field is set, and if you're like me, you'll read 200 bracket breakdowns over the next couple days and end up more confused than when you started. So I'll spare you predictions and give you a few interesting links: St. Mary's donned these incredible championship belt T-shirts during Selection Sunday ... Here are the 10 biggest first-round upsets in tournament history ... N.C. State coach Mark Gottfriedwon't be adding referee Brian Dorsey to his Christmas Card list anytime soon (though his Wolfpack had one of the best "we made the tournament" celebrations I've ever seen) ... Esquire has posted the brackets of its annual Ladies Tournament, in which readers can choose the hottest woman of 2012.

Best Time Of The Year

Alabama Crimson Tide :: AP

Ricky Rubio tore his ACL and will miss the rest of the regular season. This is a sad story for Minnesota fans as the T'Wolves finally had turned things around after a rough few years. However, that piece of bad news has nothing on this tidbit - Doug and Jackie Christie are making a porn. The good news is that the couple is producing the movie and won't appear in it. The bad news is that you now have to read about Doug and Jackie Christie again. As for Rubio, he received a "cheer up" video from fellow Spaniard Rafael Nadal, so he's got that going for him.

Worst NBA News Of The Weekend

Remember when Brandon Jacobs called Rex Ryan a "big-mouthed, big-bellied coach who talks too much?" Those are qualities the former Giants RB must look for in a leader because Jacobs wants to become a member of the Jets. Speaking of Ryan, he attended a St. Louis Blues practice and spoke to the team on Friday.

Brandon Jacobs Does A 180

Richard D. from Buffalo asked me to consider Toni Garrn in choosing the Photo Gallery of the Day. I have taken his request into consideration and have chosen Toni Garnn for today's Photo Gallery of the Day.

Photo Gallery Of The Day

Toni Garnn :: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Nobody shaves portraits of professional athletes into a customer's hair quite like Joe Barber at San Antonio's Razor Sharp Cutz. Can we give this guy an award or something?

The Artist

Paul Casey's caddie Craig Connelly thought he scored a free new car when Casey nailed a hole-in-one at the 15th hole during the final round of the WGC-Cadillac Championship on Sunday. Unfortunately, it was the wrong hole ... The history of the Nintendo controller ... Congrats to Nicole Landkas, who won Florida's inaugural pole dancing championship (amateur division) ... Axl Rose's face has undergone quite a transformation.

Random Links

In case you were under a rock all weekend, here is Nets guard Gerald Green's ridiculous windmill alley-oop.

Dunk Of The Year

Terrell Owens was flipped over a wall during an Indoor Football League game yesterday.

T.O. Video Of The Day

Jonah Hill hosted Saturday Night Live and took quite a pounding during this Digital Short.

Science Finders Video Of The Day

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I thought it might be a little cruel to lead Hot Clicks with Kentucky forward Anthony Davis' amazing unibrow, but after coming across this photo of Anthony's mom (Eranier Davis) wearing a unibrow mask, I decided it was fair game. Speaking of unibrows, Complex has put together its list of the 20 greatest unibrows in sports history. There is one notable omission - Bill Buckner - which may explain why he wasn't able to see that Game 6 grounder that went through his legs.

Respect The Brow

Anthony Davis :: Al Tielemans/SI

I didn't think anyone could outdo the Chipper Jones tattoo this Braves fan had inked on his arm, but along came this Gary Payton fan and now I'm not so sure. If you liked those, you'll love this gallery of sports fans and their tattoos.

Sports Fans And Their Tattoos

The 18 most hateable moments in Duke history ... Here's a list of announcers for the first and second rounds of the tournament ... The 12 weirdest team names in the NCAA Tournament ... Coaches and their wardrobe fails ... The Cougar Madness Round of 64.

Leftover Tournament Links

Josh M. from NYC asked me to give Anara Atanes some love. I think I'll do just that and name her today's Lovely Lady of the Day.

Photo Gallery Of The Day

Anara Atanes:: Ferdaus Shamim/Getty Images

The Nationals will be selling an eight-pound "Strasburger" at home games this season.

Calling all Washington DC Heart Doctors

When I'm not filling in for Jimmy on Hot Clicks, I run the SI Vault and like to post old photos of athletes to my Twitter feed and Tumblr blog. Seeing that today is Darryl Strawberry's 50th birthday, here's a 1985 photo of the then-23-year-old Mets slugger.

Photo of the Day

Chad Ochocinco and Evelyn Lozada will have their own VH1 reality show ... George Karldonned a FC Barcelona jersey in honor of Ricky Rubio ... Tom Bradywore hipster glasses to yesterday's Celtics-Lakers game ... A look at every NBA field goal attempt over the past five years in one convenient chart ... If you liked the tattoo-related item earlier, you'll love this look at people's weird celebrity tattoos.

Random Links

Takeru Kobayashi set a new record by downing 13 grilled cheese sandwiches in one minute while attending the SXSW Festival over the weekend.

Grilled Cheese Video Of The Day

Flyers forward Claude Giroux converts one of the prettiest shootout goals you'll ever see during Saturday's game against the Maple Leafs.

Shootout Goal Of The Day