Hot Clicks: Andi Muise; audio of Gregg Williams telling Saints to hurt 49ers

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I'm not going harp on the fact that today is the third "Opening Day" of the baseball season. Now, it's simply time to enjoy the upcoming season. I spoke with Sports Illustrated senior writer Tom Verducci yesterday about the 2012 campaign, and he was dropping knowledge all over the place. What can we expect from the banged up Phillies? How will Bobby Valentine go over in Boston? Are the Angels, Tigers or Yankees the best teams in baseball? Who will lose more games between the Orioles and Astros? How will the Marlins' new ballpark help them? When will Bryce Harper be in the majors? How will the Cardinals fare without Albert Pujols and Tony La Russa? All that and more is covered in the podcast, and you can listen to it below or download it on iTunes or to your mp3 player.

The Hot Clicks Podcast

Opening Day :: AP

Via this column from Yahoo! Sports comes this audio clip of Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams imploring his players to injure guys on the Niners the night before their playoff game this past season. Among Williams' quotes: "We're gonna dominate the line of scrimage and we're gonna kill the f---ing head." "He becomes human when we f----' take out that outside ACL." "We need to decide how many times we can beat Frank Gore's head." We need to decide how many times we can bullrush and we can f-----' put Vernon Davis' ankles over the pile."

Gregg Williams Will Never Be Back In The NFL

He had nightmares about Blake Griffin, who did this to him.

When Pau Gasol Went To Sleep Last Night...

I had never heard of former Victoria's Secret model Andi Muise before seeing this photo gallery this morning. So I thought I should post it in case any of you were in the same boat.

Photo Gallery Of The Day

Andi Muise :: Thomas Concordia/Getty Images

When an alarm went off in Torii Hunter's house yesterday, police immediately came to the scene. However, they didn't believe Hunter when he told them he lived there. The Angels outfielder Tweeted about the incident.

Some Angels Fan!

Saving Stanley is a mockumentary about what ensues when the Stanley Cup is stolen. Based on the trailer, it would easily be one of the best sports movies ever made.

This Movie Needs To Be Made

The Miami Marlins new stadium made its regular-season debut last night. It features a pool with bikini-clad women playing around.

Sports Video Of The Day

Would you wear glasses that connect you to Google at all times? If so, this is what you're life would be like. After you watch the video, here's a good story you can read about this invention.

Google Glass Video Of The Day

You might think a video of a person peeling an apple couldn't be interesting. Well, you'd be wrong. (Thanks to for the video.)

Apple Peeling Video Of The Day