Hot Clicks: Ellen Hollman; Bobby Petrino scandal

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When this picture (and similar ones) of Arkansas football coach Bobby Petrino came out earlier in the week after his motorcycle accident, I didn't want to post them because I figured he was in a serious wreck and it wasn't a laughing matter. However, the story of Petrino's crash took a soap opera-like turn late yesterday afternoon when it was revealed that the 51-year-old coach had a 25-year-old blond on the back of his motorcycle at the time of the accident. Petrino is married. The young lady is engaged. Oh, and Petrino just gave his "friend" a job. Last night the school put Petrino on paid administrative leave.


Bobby Petrino :: AP

Charles Barkley is constantly saying outlandish things so often it's one of those "in one ear, out the other" type of things. However, I give his bosses at TNT credit for never censoring him. Last night, Sir Charles weighed in on the Stan Van Gundy-Dwight Howardcontroversy by calling the Orlando management person/people who told Van Gundy that Howard wanted him fired a "scumbag" who pulled a "punk-ass move."

How Do You Really Feel, Chuck?

Cubs fans have hope this season. Literally.

This Is Why They're The Loveable Losers

Actress Ellen Hollman stars in Spartacus: Vengeance on Starz. She also just did this photoshoot for

Photo Gallery Of The Day

Ellen Hollman :: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Rangers coach John Tortorella does not like the Penguins. At all. He went on this solid diatribe after his team lost last night to Pittsburgh.

Let's Play The Feud

First, let me warn you by saying that this next link is VERY NSFW. It's filled with expletives. Having said that, this spoof combining the Masters theme song and hardcore Jay-Z lyrics to make a Masters commercial is brilliant.

So Much Better Than Jim Nantz

Reason 4,286,192 why Vin Scully is awesome. Listen to him explain why Padres pitcher Edison Volquez changed his name to Edinson Volquez. (Thanks to Rick, of Royersford, Pa., for the video.)

Sports Video Of The Day

I think that was the wrong tape.

News Blooper Video Of The Day

Here is the latest installment of This Week in Unnecessary Censorship.

Jimmy Kimmel Video Of The Day