Hot Clicks: Katrina Bowden; Bubba Watson wins Masters, misses handshake

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The first weekend of the baseball season is in the books and there are several things in the standings that jump out: The Orioles and Mets sit at 3-0 while the Yankees and Red Sox are 0-3. But some perspective is needed since New York and Boston were swept by two of the best teams in the AL -- the Rays and Tigers. The Red Sox, though, did suffer a brutal loss yesterday, blowing a 12-10 lead in the 11th inning. All non-Boston fans should listen to the calls of the tying and winning home runs from Detroit's WXYT radio, the team's flagship station.

Bizarro World

Detroit Tigers :: AP

was his non-handshake with Augusta National Chairman Billy Payne during the green jacket ceremony.

The Best Part Of Bubba Watson's Masters Win...

If you're in Arkansas and would like to show support for football coach Bobby Petrino, the married man who got into a motorcycle accident last week while riding around with a young lady whom he had gotten a job a couple of weeks ago, there is a rally for him this evening. Seriously. If the rally isn't for you or you just want to have a laugh at his expense, I suggest you check out "The Ballad Of Bobby Petrino."

There's A Rally For Everything These Days

Katrina Bowden, who stars on 30 Rock and the new American Reunion movie, channeled her inner cheerleader for this new photo gallery.

Photo Gallery Of The Day

Katrina Bowden :: Steve Granitz/WireImage

A running back named "Trent Richardson" recently sent out tweets about loving Cleveland and being excited about getting drafted by the Browns. Sadly for the Cleveland faithful, it wasn't the real Trent Richardson.

More Hurt For Browns Fans

Many of you have been e-mailing me to find out what happened to the Yavapai Community College baseball player who was featured in Friday's P.M. Hot Clicks for one of the cheapest shots you'll ever see during a sporting event. Over the weekend, he was suspended for the remainder of the season.

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"Activists" broke into the studio of a Greek newscast over the weekend and pelted one of the anchors with eggs and yogurt.

Live TV Video Of The Day

The SI model wished everyone a Happy Easter over the weekend by tweeting this video.

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