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Hot Clicks: Natalia Velez; Kevin Durant, James Harden make video with Kate Upton

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Earlier today this video ofKevin Durant and James Harden taking SI Swimsuit model Kate Upton "to work" was released. It's a fun little video, and Harden and Durant do a nice job. However, the video was totally and completely trumped by this video, also released today. In that video Upton, wearing the bikini she donned for the SI cover, does the Cat Daddy. Upton told me this afternoon that the video was "shot during lunch for fun a couple weeks ago." Apparently, the shoot also involved Upton putting on a Yankees cap and wearing it well. Allow me to also use this situation to plug my Twitter feed. I tweeted the Cat Daddy video of Upton at 11:30 AM. However, all afternoon, people were flooding my inbox with it. So, if you're not following me, step it up.

Kate Upton Owns The Internet

James Harden, Kate Upton, Kevin Durant :: YouTube

Now that the Internet has had time to work their magic, we have some good Amar'e Stoudemire links. Here's a T-shirt that pays tribute to fire extinguisher-gate. Here's a GIF that combines Office Space and fire extinguisher-gate. Lastly, the fire extinguisher in fire extinguisher-gate is on Twitter.

That's Amar'e

Tim Tebow escorted an Iowa senior to her prom last weekend. Actually, a life-sized Tim Tebow cardboard cut out escorted the girl.

So Many Inappropriate Jokes Here

There have only been a handful of times in the history of Hot Clicks that a Lovely Lady of the Day generated the amount of e-mails Natalia Velez has generated over the past 24 hours. Even Texans linebacker Connor Barwingot into the action, and taunted me on Twitter. Therefore, I have no choice but to give her LLOD honors once again. Luckily, Natalia's people sent Hot Clicks these never-seen-before pictures.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Natalia Velez :: Esteban Escobar looks back at the funniest photos from the previous month.

Adidos, April

What does a BYU senior do when she viciously crashes into a steeplechase during a race? In the case of Katy Andrews, she uploads the video to YouTube.

Sense Of Humor

Interesting approach here: Ninety percent of the speech has to do with the groom's private area, which, of course, makes it funny. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)

Best Man Speech Video Of The Day

Wedding Speech Focuses On The Important Things - Watch More Funny Videos

There's nothing like starting a newscast by talking about something hitting you in the breast, especially when you don't realize that you are on the air.

Local News Video Of The Day