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Hot Clicks: Adrianna Palicki; Kings deliver Rainn Wilson's playoff tickets in jello

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Hot Clicks has told you about the inability of local Los Angeles news stations to know the difference between the Sacramento Kings and the Los Angeles Kings. The hockey club is now doing its part to help these people by putting together this handy dandy infographic. The good sense of humor hasn't stopped there for the Kings. The team, after getting a playoff ticket request from Office actor Rainn Wilson, sent him his tickets in jello.

Kings Of Comedy

Courtesy of

I'm not a big sports memorabilia person. I don't have complete disdain for it, like WFAN/YES hostMike Francesa, but I don't get it. Having said that, this gallery of the most expensive sports memorabilia is quite interesting.

Costly Collectibles

This is more ridiculous than Tim Tebow asking that a picture of himself with cast members from Rock Agesbe removed from Twitter: A Florida high school student is not being given his diploma because he Tebow'd during the graduation ceremony.

Why So Serious?

Maxim is out with its 2012 Top 100 list. Hot Clicks will have more on this later in the week, but one of the women on the list is Friday Night Lights star Adrianne Palicki, who comes in at No. 10. Since we miss FNL and Tyra, we're giving Palicki today's LLOD honors.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Adrianne Palicki :: Steven Lawton/FilmMagic

Flyers forward Claude Giroux had surgery on both his wrists last week, but that didn't stop him from playing beer pong over the weekend.

A For Effort

Many of you were not happy with the awful Facebook video featured in A.M. Hot Clicks. It never hurts to ask for mercy by kissing my ass. JJ, of High Point, N.C. says, "Jimmy, whatever it is Hot Clicks Nation did to deserve that Facebook video, allow me to apologize. On behalf of all of us, I am truly sorry. I know I don't watch Dancing with the Stars (except for the awesome clips of Maria Menounos you post and the cool clip of Donald Driver) and no, I am not a huge Twitter guy. But that hopefully doesn't subject me (or any of us) to that cruel and unusual video. I promise to read everything as it appears from now on, instead of going straight to the LLOD and THEN checking everything else out. I promise I WILL follow you more closely on Twitter, and I promise I will pay more attention to Derek Jeter's day-to-day stats and whereabouts. Just please spare us from that video ever appearing on Hot Clicks ever again. This is coming from a guy that actually watched AND enjoyed the prom invite video that turned out to be pretty cool. To recap: We are all sorry and will perform our duties as loyal readers better provided we never, ever have to watch that or affiliate ourselves with Facebook ever again. I have a Facebook page, but I only did it to show off my kids and reconnect with classmates because I am nowhere near them anymore. I don't particularly like it, but because of that video, I know WHY. Keep up the otherwise awesome job on the first place I go as soon as I fire up my computer."

As an olive branch to JJ and the rest of Hot Clicks Nation, here's a brilliant video (with NSFW language), titled Facebook Is An Idiot, sent in by Gumbo, of Manchester, Conn.)

E-Mail Of The Day

A little kid getting nailed in the face isn't funny, but I'm posting this because the kid deserves credit for being a tough son of a gun. He gets back up immediately after taking a hard shot.

Sports Of The Day

Here's an older woman playing The Black Keys' Lonely Boy with spoons.

Music Video Of The Day

After posting a Jeopardy! and a Wheel of Fortune video in Hot Clicks last week, many of you sent in funny clips from both shows. When the NBA and NHL playoffs are over and we just have baseball going on in the summer, Hot Clicks will run a "best of" type game show video each day, so hold off on sending any more in for a few more weeks. However, this video is too good to pass up. It happened last November, but has just 13,000 views. (Thanks to Ryan, of Denver, for the video.)

Wheel Of Fortune Video Of The Day