Hot Clicks: Lucy Mecklenburgh; Videos of Miami Heat dancing after beating Celtics

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The best part of the Heat's Game 7 win over the Celtics Saturday night took place afterward in the locker room when the team held a dance party. ESPN aired the original clip, which has now been remade with various kinds of music by folks with YouTube accounts. Here's the team dancing to DJ Khaled's All I Do Is Win. Here's the team dancing to Kanye West's Mercy. Here's the team dancing to the Legend of Zelda theme song. And here's the team dancing to, of course, Call Me Maybe.

Put Aside Your Heat Hatred To Enjoy This

Dwyane Wade, LeBron James :: Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

After recording a save in yesterday's game against the Cardinals, Indians closer Chris Perez puked on the field. He later explained on Twitter that it was caused by warm water not settling in his stomach.

This Would've Been Funnier If He Had Blown The Save

Inspired by last season's Tebowing craze, Jacksonville is hoping its fans will start "Jaguaring." As for Tebow, here's a Florida Gators fan who got the quarterback's face tattooed on his shin.

There Is Zero Chance This Catches On

Lucy Mecklenburgh is a reality TV star in England. She just did this photoshoot for FHM.

Photo Gallery Of The Day

Lucy Mecklenburgh :: Tim Whitby/Getty Images

When a Cubs fan got married this past weekend, he made sure his fandom was on display with this cake.

Photo Of The Day

Ron Artest is coming to Lifetime. The Lakers forward is going to play a detective in a movie adapted from a Nancy Grace book.

Metta World Actor

A's outfielder Seth Smith had the catch of the weekend.

Sports Video Of The Day

Hot Clicks has featured videos from these guys before. They're back with a prank in which they randomly try to hold people's hands.

Prank Video Of The Day