Hot Clicks: Lena Gercke; Aroldis Chapman does double somersault after save

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Hot Clicks has long stated our love of celebrations, but Reds closer Aroldis Chapman might have taken things too far last night. After closing out a win against the Brewers, the left-hander did not one, but two somersaults from the mound to home plate. After the game, Cincinnati skipper Dusty Bakersimply said, "I know he was happy, especially after the bad week he had last week, but that's something -- we don't play like that."

Flipping Out

Aroldis Chapman :: Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Yankees leftfielder Dwayne Wise pulled off a pretty solid acting job last night when he tricked umpire Mike DiMuro into thinking he caught a foul ball in the stands. Wise didn't come close to making the catch, but Dimuro NEVER BOTHERED TO LOOK FOR THE BALL in Wise's glove.

Cheating Shouldn't Be This Easy

Those crazy folks at, who were once banned from airing a commercial during the Super Bowl, recently did a poll in which they asked more than 13,500 women across America which athlete they would most likely cheat on their husband with. David Beckham was the winner (not sure if that's the right term to use here, but we'll go with it anyway) with 43.1 percent of the votes. The man, the myth, the legend, Tim Tebow, came in second with 19.6 percent, while Tom Brady (did you know I interviewed him last week?) rounded out the top three at 17.9 percent. The rest of the top 10 looks like this: Derek Jeter (16.5 percent), Alex Rodriguez (13.2 percent), Cristiano Ronaldo (11 percent), Michael Phelps (10.5 percent), Peyton Manning (9.6 percent), Aaron Rodgers (9.5 percent), and Kelly Slater (9.2 percent). Tiger Woods came in 15th (6.1 percent). There's a joke in there somewhere.

UPDATE: For those e-mailing to say the results total more than 100 percent, the women were asked to vote for their top three only. Therefore, the poll results are based on a total 300 percent.

Speaking Of Cheaters...

According to this report, model Lena Gercke, the girlfriend of Germany soccer player Sami Khedira, was asked by team officials to not be so sexy when she shows up for tomorrow's Euro 2012 game against Italy. Obviously, this means Hot Clicks has to feature Gercke today. (Thanks to Mark, of London, England, for the link.)

Photo Gallery Of The Day

Lena Gercke :: Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

Few broadcasters are as polarizing as ESPN's Chris Berman. I've always said I'm a fan, but I feel like I'm in the minority. The Worldwide Leader announced today that Berman will handle play-by-play duties for the Chargers-Raiders game on the first Monday night of the season, Sept. 10. Let's see what Hot Clicks Nation thinks.

Boomer Or Bust?

LeBron James appeared on last night's Late Show with David Letterman. Dave opened things up by asking, "Well, now that you got this out of your system, you ready to go back to Cleveland and play some ball?"

Sports Video Of The Day

The movie Ted comes out this weekend and it will pretty much be either the best or worst thing ever. The movie's creator, Seth MacFarlane, shared his "rejected pitches" before getting approval for Ted. (Warning: Video contains strong language.)

Seth MacFarlane Video Of The Day

CollegeHumor?s Favorite Funny Videos

Please calm down. When I logged into my e-mail this morning, there were about eight million frantic e-mails from people telling me the Kate Upton video posted in yesterday's P.M. Hot Clicks had been pulled by YouTube. I found another version, but watch it quickly before it disappears again.

Kate Upton Video Of The Day

Last week, I asked you guys for a favor, and you came through. I wanted you to vote for a certain caller to WFAN in New York, so he could appear with host Mike Francesa. According to Francesa, the caller blew away the competition and won by a 40 percent margin. The caller, Mike in Mahopac (and known as "Sour Shoes" to Howard Stern listeners) joined Francesa yesterday for this amazing appearance. (Thanks to @WFANAudio for the video.)

Mike Francesa Video Of The Day